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  1. Hi Miss A!, Using global variables $$example means that they stay available in the background ready for use by another script. Which is great if you are about to call another script, but not so great if - you're not. As then they will sit around in your database until you quit your current session - or you clear them at the end of your script. Whereas, using local variables $example will clear automatically at the end of the execution of the current script. HTH
  2. Hi Angus, Checking on serialio.com for your scanner, I found that it is compatible with SerialMagic Pro for the Mac which I use to handle my Intermec SF51s - turning them into a bluetooth keyboard wedge for barcode reading into Filemaker 11, 12, 13 on a pc or mac.. You do have to switch on a post-amble character for your scans, looking at my preferences, I have set a LF character, which I then trap in a triggerscript linked to the barcode entry field to process, but your post-amble character set may be different. Then you don't have to pause any script, since the scanner effects(
  3. Personally, I would try to convince them about going down the ipad route, simply because Filemaker Go is free and already set in kiosk mode. And you can lockdown the ipad to run just the FM_Go app via apple configurator and running parental control on it. Has your client factored in the cost of 40 touchscreen desktops? and the maintenance and network upkeep for 3 years? Incidentally, the barcode reader app in FM_Go 13 would make an ipad swapout a breeze, as you could supply a barcode for each plinth and upon zapping said barcode, your FM_Go db could present the relevant data for that plinth
  4. how many licences of filemaker pro have you got? 1 licence in use on multiple machines? hence the lockout... [sounds like one licence got baked into a machine build] Or 1 licence per machine? therefore a site licence for n machines...
  5. FMStudio pro is still available. 5 minutes googling provided me with this: http://www.fmwebschool.com/fmstudiopro.php $157 for the full version - compatible up to fmp 12. $89 upgrade from v1 and you can pay with all major credit cards or even paypal.
  6. Hi Bikeman17, Based on your profile, you shouldn't need to install Helvetica Neue as this is a system font built into the mac. A second installation of Helvetica Neue may clash with the main system font - with the result that all window titles, filenames and other desktop furniture becoming blank. As for the PC, you may find that you have to adjust the tracking on your titles to bunch up the characters.
  7. Hi fmforums! I'm drawing up a simple database management tool to manage multiple databases in FMP11. Nothing fancy, just the ability to assign users to multiple databases on FMServer 11, and then run a script to add these users to the assigned databases. I have created the following fields in my database table: Filename ExportFilename SvrLocation WinLocation MacLocation on the basis that the database filename would be recorded under filename and the full path to it would be recorded under WinLocation - if stored on a PC, MacLocation, if stored on a Mac and SvrLocation if stor
  8. I’ve seen this when the path to the pdf generation folder I made on the FMServer got moved or deleted by another 'helpful' member. I would agree with IdealData, is your clients $savepath identical to yours? If not, that would be the problem. Also, does your clients FMServer have write access to the folder?
  9. You'd have to quote what NAS drive you’re using and what version of unix it is running. The above commands apply to Mac OSX, as far as I can tell.
  10. Apologies for not replying sooner, your solutions sparked off other ideas. However, I found that the script wasn't picking up the current table name in a single script step. so I had to split steps thusly: Set Variable [$table; Value:Get ( LayoutTableName )] Set Variable [$table_flag; Value:$table & "::flag"] Set Variable [$field; Value:GetField ( $table_flag )] If [$field = 1] Set Field By Name [$table_flag; 0] Commit Records/Requests Exit Script [] Else If [$field = 0] Set Field By Name [$table_flag; 1] Commit Records/Requests Exit Script [] End If Once corrected, I was able to han
  11. Hi fmforums! It's been a long time since I last made a post, as just searching through the available content here has usually answered my questions [if I search long enough] I'm currently reworking my scripts so that they become universal in my database - less maintenance you see… And I would like to know whether anyone can shed some light on a rambling question I have? In all of the underlying tables, I have some regular number fields, such as: flag, delete, marker… Dependent on their auto-enter calculation at record creation, they’re either 0 or 1. I’m trying to change my s
  12. portals... list header that shows content

  13. Where did you get a background image that big? Was it scanned in? Big Images in FM only work well if they have been reduced to screen resolution. My database in part creates a Phone Extension Index of our for each of our offices, on top of a big desktop screen image [1600 x 1200, 1024 x 768, 800 x 600]. But the images were reduced to a screen resolution of 72dpi before using in FM, so the database remains under 15Mb. [for the record: 800 staff records, 14 offices, 1300 asset records, 500 ftp records reside in this database presently] Chris
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