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  1. I would love to do this for you, however, here is my problem. I have to take an existing database built in SQL and C#, built by a retired engineer from Crane. The database he built for us is and has been a total nightmare! We originally worked with Filemaker, but he took our information from that and created this monstrosity that we are now dealing with on a daily basis. Now I am left to deal with his mess and try to create something close to what we had before when we first used Filemaker. I have had trouble changing the way his tables relate when putting it into Filemaker due to the wa
  2. I am hoping this works.....never tried to clone it to post on here. Let me know if you are not able to manipulate it. The scripts should be there as well. I cleared out all records except for 2 to test it. Again....any help would be greatly appreciated! JenNicole.zip
  3. Hello everyone! Once again, I have ran into a small problem that has now become a major hold up in the design of my database! I have a table labeled [color:red]Source Codes, which identifies the payment entries origin. There is a [color:orange]source code(a mixed line of letters & numbers not exceeding 15 characters) and there is a [color:purple]source code description(a description of the code itself, the only thing all data entry users will see). There is another table labeled Payments, which is where the data entry user records members payments. In this table I have place a field f
  4. I am not sure what a webview is... much less an empty one. AND My layout is simply in browse mode.. don't know to make it pop-up. All help appreciated. thanks
  5. I saw that post and it does not save the record until you click on the 'Save' button but I cannot figure out how he does it... any thoughts? Thank you.
  6. The save as you go I can deal with as long as I can force it to run one last script upon exit... last thing it does before saving the record... This is why I was heading in the 'Save' button direction... any thoughts? Thanks
  7. Hello All, I have a quick question. I have a layout in which I want the user to HAVE to click on my 'save' button. Currently all you have to do is exit the record or click somewhere outside the fields and the record will be saved. I have a 'save' button and it works but it is not mandatory... I want to make it mandatory. All help is appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the help, but I just went with creating a report layout for it, which worked quite well I may add! This way I didn't have to delete the extras. Thanks again!
  9. Ok I appreciate your help in answering this, however, I am thinking I may have left out a bit of information in my initial explanation. I am in need of the following outcome: AL = 66 CA = 77 and so on. I can get it to where it will show me the state name and how many current members, but if there are 77 members in CA, it will show 77 lines for this. I am in need of one line per state with the total. This way, at the bottom of the screen I can get an accurate total number of current members in all states. I hope I am explaining this a little better this time. My apolog
  10. Hello All, I need help with a task. I have a database with 30000 records representing members.... I have a field for 'State' and a field for 'Current'. All I want to generate is a report that lists each state and how many current members within each state. So for example the report would be: AL =96 CA=77 and so on ... So far I have used a script to isolate these records and a summary field to list the total within the state but I cannot list more than 1 state at a time.... Do I achieve this through a portal or :? I may be making this harder than it is, but any help you may be abl
  11. Thanks for your response. I understand getting away from text values for payment.. but this particular database already has 30K records in it and I am just getting started with FM. Previous DB was custom C# and SQL.. anyway.. besides the point. I have tried what you said (it makes sense) but don't understand how to calc the payment_for... I other words.. my payment_for field contains only 3 types of data based on a value field of "Dues", "Contributions", and "Event/Purchases"... I need to somehow filter the results to show only records where the Payment_For="Dues". I know you
  12. I have researched only simple filtered portals and most seem to point in creating a global field in the parent table.... About global fields: I have tried to validate it text only ="Dues" and tied this in with my 'payment_for" field in the other table but I am having no luck... Perhaps I need help creating my global field... All help appreciated.
  13. I will have to see what I can do with this then. I am dealing with a pre-existing database created by a person employed previously. The only problem I seem to be running into is the fact that is was written in C# and SQL. There seems to be some unexplainable coding in there that is almost unnecessary or will seem to block things. I don't know, I have cracking it slowly.............very slowly.......... Thanks again!..........have a great weekend! :waytogo:
  14. This is correct, but we do also accept payments for Contributions and Merchandise purchases. Therefore, their status could very well be blank unless it pertains to a Dues payment. We have Donor Types in the database as well. They can be a 'Donor', 'Member', 'Junior Member' or even a 'Lifetime'. Before I get to into detail, I figure if I can get one field to auto-complete upon entry of another I will be doing great! Thanks..........hope this helps to better understand what I am looking at. :laugh:
  15. Actually we have an expiration date! However, you cannot say greater than today simply because they set for the end of each month and some may send in payment that already have an expiration date 2 years from now, but it will need to add onto this date. I had originally thought to make the Payment For and Expiration Date tied together, then pull the Status in from there. I just noticed I had told you it was ntapay2::Payment For and ntanames2::Expire Date when in reality I was speaking of the following: ntapay2::Payment For = "Dues" then (autofill) ntanames2::Status = "Curr
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