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  1. I have two databases, call them Full and Subset. Without getting into complicated and unimportant background explanations, when it was created Subset had been simply export of part of part of Full--i.e. I did a Find to isolate certain records I needed (about half of Full), exported the results as another database, then trimmed down the fields, going from 33 down to four, adding one additional field that Full does not have. In short, I trimmed a couple of fields too many. I need to add back two more fields that are still in Full but were removed (months ago) from Subset. I can't simply replic
  2. I have a database with just under a couple of dozen fields within each record. In its current form, only four fields are included in the Tab Order--about a third of the fields are calculated or otherwise don't use keyboard entry so I wouldn't tab to them anyway, and the rest are only used in particular instances. However, there are another three fields that I do enter text into with some regularity; when I do so, it's usually in all three. What I'd like to be able to do is to have two independent sets of Tab Orders--that is, if I'm editing any of the four fields that currently have
  3. Hello. I have a largish (30k record) database. One of the fields is an Edit Box set to auto-complete with previously entered values. I'd like to be able to make this a popup list, if possible. My concerns are: 1) optimally, I'd like to be able to retrieve the autocomplete list and populate the value list with it. Possible? 2) I'm concerned about what might happen to the existing records. Not all 30k records are populated in that field (I'm adding information to existing records as I get it). More importantly, I don't want those fields already filled to get messed up by fiddling w
  4. Whoops; for some reason I didn't get a notification of a reply. OK, I puzzled it out and I have three fields, (dd, MM, YYYY) for birthdate. Since AGE cannot now be calculated from the DOB (formerly YOB) field, as it has become dd-MMMM-YYYY I've changed the AGE calcuation to use the new BirthYear field, for basically the same result. How do I translate this all into the more-specific age calculation--i.e., ticking over to the next age at the birthdate? E.g., AGE is 25 when DOB is 02-February-1975 and DATE is at least 02-February-2000 but less than 02-Fe
  5. My concern is, if I have a DATE field that contains 12-July-2007 how do I move that data over to three separate fields, DATE / MONTH / YEAR especially when the existing DATE sometimes only contain July-2007 ? A similar issue for the YEAR (or DATE) OF BIRTH field, which will mainly contain year but may also contain the full date-month-year I think I prefer using three separate fields rather than adding an arbitrary fake date to a single field, though I'd go with whatever works. thanks for all your help.
  6. So, either put in 00-XXXX-1978 00-XXXX-1983 etc. for all year fields or create three separate fields for DATE, MONTH and YEAR? I'm not sure how to migrate the existing data over to a new form..
  7. "Accurate" meaning only that AGE ticks over to the next integer upon the anniversary of the birth. So, if DOB: 05-June-1982 and DATE: 02-February-2002 then AGE: 19 but if DOB: 05-June-1982 and DATE: 02-July-2002 then AGE: 20 -- IOW, how a person normally states their age, rounding down from any count of days less than 365 Summary of some of the complications: 1) either the YEAR OF BIRTH or the DATE fields could be empty 2) YEAR OF BIRTH might only contain a four-digit year or, in a minority of cases, a DD-MMMM-YYYY (as 12-July-2005, for example); DATE, if
  8. Actually, one further question: in the above, if I sometimes had a full date in the YEAR OF BIRTH field, how could I calculate an accurate age? That is, if everything else remained the same from the original question, BUT, a small percentage of records have YOB as 12-December-1980 so could therefore, in theory, do Age=DATE-YOB and get an accurate number (DATE is a specified date, not the current date) is there a way to calculate an accurate number from DATE while retaining YOB for the records where I don't have date-month, or would that require massive reformatting and/or a sec
  9. No contradiction, though perhaps I should have been more precise. The text is entered in date form, as described above, but the field Type is "Number," not "Date" (i.e., open "Manage Database..." and you would see that field listed as "Number" in the Type column).
  10. Hello, all. I'm trying to create an "Age:" field calculated from two others. That is: DATE-YOB=AGE (YOB is "Year of Birth," not a full DOB) Notes, requirements, & issues: 1) Because of my own inexperience, the DATE field is formatted as a number rather than as a date field. 2) I need to deal only in years, not full dates (approximate ages). So we're talking basically AGE = 2006-1978 and AGE simply containing "28" 3) YOB is formatted as a number, and it contains only a year, not date-month. So YOB is always 1979 1987 and so on DATE is formatted as dd-month-yyyy
  11. If the only way to do it is a calculation based on predefined rules, I'm probably stuck: there are no rules. The field contains names, which don't necessarily have capitalization rules. It could be John AW or Bell-Howell (in FM's Title Capitalization system, Howell gets forced into lowercase).
  12. Unfortunately, Roman numerals were only an example--there are other things I need to override capitalization for, also; I'd need a method that wasn't so specific. The only way to make a bigger checkbox is to use a bigger accompanying font??? That then makes the text much too big.
  13. Hello. Two FM9 questions here: 1) I want a couple of fields to default to title capitalization, yet to be able to override this default on a per-record basis. That is, usually have text formatted by title capitalization, except to be able to change it when inappropriate--such as when Roman numerals are used: Henry VIII not Henry Viii It seems that I can only toggle the control in the Text.. dialog on a database-wide basis. 2) Is there a way to change the appearance of checkboxes--specifically, to make them larger?
  14. To try and make things a little more concrete: this is a roundabout attempt to create an image database. I've tested the commercial ones out, and they don't do what I want: I mainly need a TEXTUAL database for keywords and the like and (as I'm mucking about with now), a single sample image from each folder. That said, I have HUNDREDS of folders, each containing anywhere from a single to over a hundred subfolders, each therein containing JPEGs. Up to now, the folders have been basically organized by general descriptions, often with additional descriptions following in parentheses (when t
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