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  1. Hello, I current have a field (PaymentDaysOverdue) that I want to be set at 0, unless another field is filled in, in which case I want the field to be a calculation. I currently have this: If((DatePaymentRecieved=""); Get ( CurrentDate ) - DocumentsSentToZebra) That works fine, and works out how many days a payment is overdue, but if DatePaymentRecieved is blank, the field PaymentDaysOverdue doesn't have any value. I would like PaymentDaysOverdue to = 0 unless DatePaymentRecieved has something in it. I've tried If((DocumentsSendToZebra="...");0 or If((Date
  2. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks very much for your help.
  3. Hi. Thanks for the reply. . I'm afraid I couldn't get it working though, so I did a bit of searching and ended up doing the following: Replace Field Contents [ Contact Data::Registration Number; Replace with calculation: Substitute ( Contact Data::Registration Number ; " " ; "" ) ] [ No dialog ]
  4. Hello, Is there a way to either validate a field or write a script that removes spaces in FM7? I know the TrimAll feature would normally do this but it doesn't seem to be available in FM7. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.
  5. The file is just hosted on a web server.
  6. Thanks for your reply. The format is a Filemaker file.
  7. Hello, I'm trying to create what is effectively an auto-update feature. Currently, the user has to click a button that then takes them to a website, download a file, then click another button and select the file. The file is then imported without a dialogue, as none of the fields will change etc. What I'd like to do is get Filemaker to import directly from the file hosted online. Is this possible? Thanks. B)
  8. I've just updated a Windows machine to 7.3 and the script works fine now. Many thanks for all your help. :)
  9. Just an update. The script works fine in Filemaker 9, so obviously it's a bug in 7. I'll install the updated on the Windows machines tomorrow and post the details.
  10. Hi. I'll have to do the update tomorrow as all of the Windows machines are in use. However I can test my script tonight on Filemaker 9 to see if the problem persists. I'll post back here with details. Many thanks for all of your help. :)
  11. No. Do you recommend doing this? I'd rather be sure it isn't a problem with the script before I update the program as we run Filemaker on multiple machines and this may cause other problems.
  12. A combination of both really, but I'm programming this script in FM7. Sorry. :)
  13. The salesman details and Contact Data tables are linked, if that's what you mean? The script works absolutely fine on OSX and on Windows unless there are no results returned, which is why I'm a bit confused.
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