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  1. I have created a virtual list and I would like the variable fields to have a fixed length so that they align to give a table appearance. Is there a way I can do this? Is there a way to implement tab stops to effect this appearance?
  2. LaRetta, One last question, how do I make a number over one million show as 1.23M with 2 decimal points? Thanks again.
  3. Thanks LaRetta, I never noticed that function before.
  4. Does anyone have a function that can drop the last 3 '0's of a number and replace it with a letter? For example: $45,346 changed to $45K $1,234.411 changed to $1,234M Thanks in advance.
  5. I just loaded the latest version of Filemaker 13 Pro Advanced and I lost the scroll bars in my relationship graph. Anyone else experience this and is there a fix?
  6. Bruce, You were correct. The window I had was open and the script was creating a new window, so I thought I had this script isolated but it was causing the script trigger on the open layout to trigger, and that was where the problem was. Thanks for your help.
  7. I think I found a bug in Filemaker 13. The script step "New Window creates an error message that I have attached. This error is occurring in previously developed Filemaker 12 scripts and in new ones. The window does open but this error message always appears.
  8. I am using Filemaker Pro 12 since its release and the program crashed on me. On restarting the drop menus fail to automatically populate. They only populate by moving my mouse through the invisible list. This occurs with all databases including the sample ones provided by Filemaker. Is there a quick fix or must I reinstall Filemaker?
  9. I am attempting to do a "find" using a global field that uses a checkbox. This field has mutiple choices which I would like to then set in the find field. Is this possible?
  10. Your assessment was right on! A subtle series of progamming in the wrong order creates interesting effects. I now realize that I can name that field that also acts as a button with 2 different names. Interesting. Thanks for your help.
  11. Thank you Raybaudi, I had already tried that but I get a strange result. When the the cursor goes to the object (field) it creates a darkened border and does not permit me to enter any data. It appears to be locked. When I use "go to field" script that event or problem does not occur.
  12. Is there a way to include a scriptparameter with the script "go to field"?
  13. I have a Parent (Party: includes Contacts & Companies) to Child Portal relationship (Companies only) to Grandchild portal relationship(Shareholders: Contacts & Companies from Parent). I have a button on my grandchild portal that I want to perform a script to return me to the related record in the Parent. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to write such a script? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  14. RSComm

    Value Lists

    Is there a quick way to import (move, copy) value lists from one database to another?
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