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  1. Oh BOTHER! I thought Filemaker could do anything as long as mere mortals could do the scripting! Thanks, Mr Vodka.
  2. Hi All, As I'm on a 10" laptop, every millimetre is precious! I'd like to be able to hide the bottom scroll bar (which includes the Zoom Controls, Status area controls and mode pop-up) in some layouts. Is this possible? Thanks heaps as always! Helen
  3. Hi Comment, It looks a little complicated for me to follow and understand what is happening, so I think I'll file this for use when I've sorted the easier parts of my database. I do appreciate your taking the time to help though, please don't give up on me! Helen
  4. Hi Comment and thanks (again!) for responding to one of my dilemmas. The list I want to show is generated by a query in my script (find and sort). I can't get the result to show in a portal - bother! as it's a neat idea. Is it possible to have a query result showing in a portal? If so, I'll persevere in trying to get it to work. Helen
  5. Hi David and thanks for responding. Almost certainly it's ME that's missing something! I want the list to flow into three columns because there's just one word on each line. Because the list is only used for viewing on a computer I have a landscape-shaped space, and I want to fill it efficiently, preferably being able to read the whole list without scrolling. Can you have a single list that is split into columns in Table View? I've partly solved it by adding script steps to toggle on and off the Status Area so I can 'Continue' the script, but it's an ugly solution. Thanks again,
  6. Hi All, I want to be able to view a list (that varies from about 15 to 30 items) on the computer. I want large type in columns. Is this only possible in Preview Mode? I have assumed that, so in my script I enter Preview Mode ('Enter Preview Mode [Pause]'), then I have 'Enter Browse Mode []' so I can return to the previous layout, but this doesn't get me back into Browse Mode. Can I get back to Browse Mode without using a FileMaker toggle menu, ie is it possible to have a button on my Preview layout, or do I need to use a different command in my script? Thanks heaps, Hele
  7. Hi 'Comment' and thanks so much, how could I not have tried that! You people on this forum rock.
  8. Hi Bcooney and thanks, but you seem to have misunderstood what I require. I might have a recipe that serves four people that I typed as 2 cups flour 1.5 cups basil. When I decide to cook for two people, I want the quantity field (calculation NumberofServesNew / NumberofServes * IQuantity) to show decimal places only when not zero, and always show leading zero when less than one. 1 cup flour 0.75 cup basil
  9. Hi All, I have an ingredient quantity field in my recipe database in which I typed numbers as I wanted to see them, ie all quantities less than 1 were prefixed by "0.", and non-whole quantities above "0" used either 1 or 2 decimal places, for instance "0.25", 0.33, 0.5, 0.75 - this is the easiest on the eye for my application. However, because I've now made the field a calculation field (so I can expand or reduce the number of serves), Filemaker wants to give me 2 decimal places everywhere. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance for any help! Helen
  10. Hi "Comment" and others and thanks for trying to help. I'm still having trouble with this unwanted duplication of records. I'll try to explain, and have attached a zip file of the db. My current structure is that 'ReadytoCookT' table brings together all other tables. The peripheral tables contain a serial number which is the join field to the ID fields in ReadytoCookT. The relationship diagram shows one to many for each relationship. If anyone has the patience, goodness and time to help, if you go into the db and click on "Zucchini and Marjoram Frittatas" you will see that I've
  11. Sorry, me again. Every time I add an Ingredient to a recipe, I use a pull-down value list based on the Ingredients field (ie Asparagus, Broad Beans etc). This actually creates a new record every time, so only the orginal Asparagus or whatever has the related IngredientSource attached to it. I must be adding the ingredients incorrectly to get all these "duplicate" records, right? Thanks, Helen
  12. Thanks Lee! You've shown me that it CAN work, and I've got the right formula: I just have to figure out what I've done to stop my IngredientsSource appearing automatically in the portal now. Helen
  13. Hi Vaughan and thanks for responding. I added "IngredientsSource" to the same portal, but it shows nothing, even though I have the ingredients and ingredient source in an Ingredients layout as related fields, ie each ingredient is shown as having only one source. Should the IngredientsSource show automatically when I add the Ingredient? Helen
  14. Hi All, I have lists of ingredients in my recipes, and when these are special ingredients, ie relying on my seasonal garden or that need to be bought from the shop, I want their text to change colour as a warning when contemplating what to cook. My Ingredients table has both "Ingredients" and "Ingredients Source", but I have no room in the portal to show the Ingredients Source, so want to change the colour of the "Ingredient" text itself. I've tried using the formula in the conditional formatting dialogue box by saying that IngredientsT::IngredientSource = "Seasonal Garden" but this doesn
  15. Hi Fenton and thanks for replying. Yes, the field IS the Ingredients field, and there's probably about 200 ingredients, so the names are just in one big list on an Ingredients table layout, and yes, I'm entering Find. IF I just do a find directly into the Ingredients portal (which is on the Recipe-based Layout) then I get only the relevant recipes.
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