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  1. Is php and web publishing covered in a cd-rom software set?
  2. The two accounts are enabled. When network sharing is on, does that leave the network open? There is a way to find the passwords with password hacking software, but is there a way to prevent that? and to prevent access through TCP/IP or WIFI?
  3. There is an install menu set script set in the help menu of filemaker pro 9. Is there a way to edit the Custom Menu set 1 under set layout order?
  4. The privelege set full access allows for the user to login as soon as the database is opened, I set a full access login, but the first login when cancelled allows the user to go into the file options, the opening script is not accessed yet. Is there a way to set up the script so that the first time the database is opened, the toolbars are grayed out when the login is not correct?
  5. The first login is the full access one, but when you open the database and click cancel on that dialog box, there are menus on the toolbar that are available such as manage database and sharing.
  6. Is there a way to write a script that authenticates a login and menu options change, and most of the toolbar options are grayed out? Is there a way to create custom menu and toolbar sets with filemaker pro 9? There is a custom menu set but is there a way to edit the menu sets?
  7. The designer of the original database has setup a user mode screen that allows one to login. There are scripts but not accounts. The login screen had toolbars. I created an admin account for the entire database but once in, the login script prompts another dialog box, and once the cancel button is clicked on that box, the user can click on links to tables through buttons. The buttons lead to different tables through the perform script, is there a way to enable a script to perform a script and require a username and password? The designer of the database installed a script for one t
  8. The brief mentioned the re-login script. Which type of script creates a login button? The database now has a login button that leads to a login screen.
  9. When I click the cancel button, the full access screen is open to view. The first screen that opens is a screen with several buttons that lead to different tables in the database. One of the buttons is user mode. That button leads to a login screen created by a script, one account has full access, the others are limited. The buttons on the first screen before allow the user to click around and go to part of the database where the toolbars are not limited and the scriptmaker is visible. Even in limited access mode, on several screens, the toolbar menu and scriptmaker are visible.
  10. This is the opening script for a database that I am modifying. Once the user logins in, the user can navigate to a login and logout screen. When the original dialog box asks for a username and password, it allows one to cancel and gain access to more of the database. I password protected the entire database from the start with manage accounts, but the user can cancel that and gain access to the login screen. How does Filemaker Pro 9 manage login and logouts? The webseminar for Filemaker Pro Advanced had a login script, and a login window. Set Field[VRaction::gAlreadyOpen; 1] Set
  11. Each screen so far has a login with a toolbar with scriptmaker. Is there a way to have a login screen without that feature?
  12. How can I edit the data entry account to be view only with no toolbar? Thank you
  13. I read about the show custom dialog box. and the functions and this is helpful. How can the script backup automatically after a change is made to a field, and stop backing up before the dialog box appears? The get(flag) function ends the script? I still need to manage the script so that it runs automatically and stops. Thank you
  14. How can a separate account be created to allow for data entry? When I go to edit privlege sets, the fields are grayed out. I'd like to create another privlege set to allow for data entry and to not show the toolbars. The toolbars allow scripts to be created. Is there a way to do this without kiosk mode? Is kiosk mode secure and does it allow for data entry? Is there a demo of kiosk mode? Thank you
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