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  1. Using FMP11 Advanced, I'm adapting an existing solution to become available via IWP. I'm successful in logging in, that part is definitely working. However, it's going to a very unexpected page and I've no idea why to that page. I suspect, but am not sure, it's not running the startup script which should take it to the proper page and at the same time hide and lock the status area, which it's not. Obviously I'm new to IWP. Under IWP, without access to the debugger and without custom dialogues, what's a workable method of debugging what's going on, of discovering what code has actually act
  2. The above link takes me to somewhere unexpected. http://www.thomsonbroadbandpartner.com/ Which sets up sending an eMail to: with as subject: Connection to Database impossible. What gives? Appreciated.
  3. An isolated Mac with a static IP DSL connection to the net. IWP is turned on and successfully tested using the Mac's internal IP address via port 80. Everything working. However, when testing with the static IP via port 80, what comes up is the DSL Thomson SpeedTouch ST516v6 modem's unfamiliar configuration screen. A colleague says port forwarding needs to be set up for this modem, a subject that both he and I are unfamiliar with. Nevertheless we did get into the area for "sharing an application" which feels it might be right. See attached screen shot. Are we on the right track? Ad
  4. For the sake of argument, could a field be provided to the user to enter their own abbreviation set and have the Custom Function automatically integrate it? Appreciated.
  5. I'm currently using SmarterProper by David Tremmel. Excellent for curbing ALL CAPS data entry. However, there's one place it goes too far — instances where something like NATO or CIA turns up within the text of the field. Reverting to Nato and Cia doesn't really cut it. I can think of two possible ways to a solution. 1. Let SmarterProper do its thing, but only once. Allow the user to re-edit the text after initial entry. Possible? 2. Revise SmarterProper to maintain all caps if the word is two to four characters long. That would also require some re-editing after the fact. Not nea
  6. Thanks B, but not quite what's needed. The field in question is for Subjects of correspondence and there's no easy way to categorize or group these. The existing value list is perfect for removing the repetitions (subjects are often repeated). However, with an already very long value list this would be a perfect place to provide a type ahead service. Given the lack of responses, I suspect that's not currently possible in FMP. With kind regards,
  7. An existing value list can have hundreds of entries. It would improve utility for the user if a type ahead system filtered the value list by the characters already entered into the field. Possible?
  8. In FMP10 and above, is it possible to automatically require users to change their passwords periodically? I've not seen any mention of this feature in the Security area or Help files.
  9. Bruce, you're right. Should be count(Companies-JoinCP-People:__PeopleID)
  10. The TO "Companies-JoinCP-People" manages a many-to-many relationship. Setting the Data Viewer to: Count (Companies-JoinCP-People) returns an accurate count no matter what record I jump to. However, when used in an If statement it does not. If(count(Companies-JoinCP-People) = 1 skips, does not enter the If statement when it should. Exactly the same thing happens if I create an unstored calc field with the formula "count(Companies-JoinCP-People)". It displays accurately in the Data Viewer but doesn't function properly in a scripted If statement. This is in FMP11. Wha
  11. Would Get (hosttimestamp) + 300 be the correct answer? It would be if the time were stored as seconds since the beginning of the date portion of the timestamp. Plus 3600 to add an hour. Plus 3600 x 24 to add a day. Not sure. With kind regards,
  12. I've yet to understand how to handle calcs involving a timestamp. In the current situation I need to fetch the current timestamp and then add 5 minutes to it. Much appreciated.
  13. Is it possible to "float" a window so that it will always appear as the top window, never hidden by a larger lower window? With kind regards,
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