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  1. I have a list view layout that has a lot of find functionality that constrains and extends the found set. This functionality works great except when I am scrolled down the screen a little ways when the founds are preformed my scroll bar resets to the top. Any one know how to keep this from happening of at least be able to calculate the top viable record so I can return the scroll bar back to the position it was at before the find was executed? I have been able to do smiler things in a portal using custom functions to identify the top viable portal row and return that record back to the t
  2. I have a real love hate relationship with this feature. I can’t remember how many times at the last Devcon someone talked about Empowering the users and stop locking the task bar. How about empowering the developer to do that? I understand that field security should be controlled by accounts and privileges (now manage security) but this is really outside the security scope as not all fields are user data fields. Many fields are used by the solution internally and users need to have permission to access the fields though they will never appear on a layout. Also most of these fields
  3. ok now the filemac path is filemac:/FileServ/T_Drive/e-files/filename.pdf but I still get the same error 100
  4. I am running server 10 advanced on a windows server2003 network with mostly windows clients running FMP 10. I have a little file that serves up some PDF documents from a shared network folder. The path to these files is stored and a calculation field that results in a container. The solution will copy a pdf from the network folder to the users temporary directory and open for them to view. Until recently there was only a need for the solution to work in a windows environment but it has become necessary to modify the solution to also work with Mac clients. I have bought a mac mini ru
  5. I'm not sure why it would be but the all in one function is noticeable slower than the 4 function system like by 3 or 4 times. seems like it does the same thing. In fact using the same key i can encrypt using one and decrypt using the other
  6. Thank you, that was in interesting article. I think for what Im doing it will be fine as none of the data is very sensitive. I have installed your function and will play with it, seems alot cleaner than mine. I will still probably put the key in the function because the data will always be decrypted while in the database so having the key present is not an issue as there is nothing to decrypt. What I'm trying to do here and I think it will work out is to have a host file push out updates for others via an FTP site. The client systems can then access these files via a website or also an
  7. good question, I guess i was thinking in terms of ascii and trying to stay within a boundary.
  8. I have a need to encrypt some data that will be exported to a file then imported to another database and decrypted. I wrote a set of custom functions that seem to work well but would love someone to try to break it. I know i could probably do it with less functions but I dont mind using 4 for readability. for my solution having the key hard coded into the functions works fine because it wont be exported with the data. here is some sample input. now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPED OVER THE LAZY DOG. ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|]
  9. The sleep command only pauses the dos window, in this case to give the filemaker server time to complete its backup before it copies the files. In dos there is no built in command to pause a set amount of time before executing the next command.
  10. While I did not find a way to get filemaker not to use the datestamp on the folder I did find a work around. I want to do all this from a batch file and was able to do it with the commands below. The key was that if I setup my backup as a schedule on the server that is set to only keep one copy so that it only puts on folder at a time in the backup folder I can gain access to it with * a wildcard in dos. also you see the sleep command used and thats not built in to dos I had to download it from mircosoft as part of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools i got here. http://www.microso
  11. Hello, I have a solution that incorporates a practice database that users go into to learn and do what if kinds of things. The way it works is I backup the real database and copy it over to the practice database. In filemaker 9 that would not have been a problem but the new server admin function dumps my backup in a timedated folder making it hard to access through windows command lines. Is there anyway of getting a backup from the server without the timestamped folder? Rich
  12. I have updated both clients and server to FMP 10 and I notice that in most databases the option to save a find is not available, its grayed out from the drop down menu. I also noticed that the databases I checked were single table databases while the databases where this was not avalable were multiple table databases. I haven't had a lot of time to look into this and was wondering is anyone has the specifics on saved finds and when its not available
  13. I'm having a little trouble with a database. The database is used to keep track of items that need to be sent out every so often and calibrated. I have a status field that can be any of the following, OK - Means the item is ok to use Send for Calibration - means the item is ok to use but is getting close to expireing and needs to be sent out for calibration. Expired - Means the item cannot be used So I have a field called Expired flag that is set to 1 if the host date is greater then the expiration date else 0, and due for cal flag that is set to one if the host date is g
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