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  1. Thanks Barbara! The coloring is really only needed as an identifying when viewing the record. Could a script trigging using a Layout Attribute be the answer to that?
  2. Hi~ I am looking to see if there is a way, I am assuming using a script trigger, to have the color of a Tab change based on a radio button selection? For example the Tabs would be "Print" , "Ad", and "Digital". If a person selected "Print" from a radio button in a field outside the Tab area, it would make the "Print" Tab color turn Red and the text inside white. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks All!!
  3. And you can use this as a web viewer in Filemaker?
  4. That would be because I have no idea what that is : Can you suggest an alternative?
  5. " & If ( Last ( time_tracking::operation_code )="Design";print::Project Name ) & "
  6. Agreed! I was hoping for a ticker-tape effect like at the bottom of the screen much like how the stock exchange marquee works. Do you know of a way to have it display only field info from specific records?
  7. It will be used as a status update for when Projects are being worked on, the frame will only appear on a Filemaker page not a website.
  8. Thanks Lee Is there a way to use it with an "If" or "Case" equation to display a field based on a specific formula? If so can the web viewer display more than one filed from one record?
  9. Ok it's working! Can I then set a parameter that will let me assign a parameter so that only records that meet a criteria will be shown? Can I have multiple records scroll as well?
  10. So in the code "Your Field" is the filed of info I want to have in the marquee?
  11. Sorry, I'm confused. So I create a web portal and enter this type of information in where the web address should be?
  12. So make a web portal? How do I get the field information to read from it?
  13. What if the viewers are accessing the database by remote not on the web but through filemaker?
  14. Good afternoon! I was wondering if anyone has figured a way to create a field that will allow for marquee text scroll capabilities. I have searched but came up empty-handed. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  15. Ok, not sure if this is correct, I know it's not working right now, but is it possible to have a List function work in conjunction with an IF function? List ( If ( final_lasers_due = calendar::datefield_2;Project Name;"" ) ) The IF function works great (I have the results showing in a portal but they are not showing at the top even when sorting them, they are showing halfway down and I need to scroll to see them.). Is there an easier way?
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