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  1. hmmm ... it was another stupid one - as always after finding it -)) I forgot to create the Variable List "connected_menu_id", Source "From Field", Values Field:"menu_user::user_id" (related values only). This must be done in fm menu "define ... / value lists". It is used to calculate the content for the field "c_connected_menu_id" in table "user". Now it works as expected. I've added the working example here. As soon as time allows I'll put a little cookbook online to describe what's the target/result one gets, how it works, and how it can be made. db.zip
  2. I've already read the whitepaper. But many thanks to both of you; it certainly helps a lot. I'll do as advised. have a great time and here comes what I've done so far: layout menu_form works as expected, but user_form does not. Its right portal shows always all menus available. This allows to make more than one connection between menu and user. I've mirrored the solution used for layout user_form. But there's probably something stupid again too I've overlooked in this? db.zip
  3. Obviously, I cannot debug your file from here, even if I wanted to. Obviously, yes -)) Reading these problems, I get the impression that you're simply not yet familiar enough with some basic Filemaker techniques. Yes. This was the main reason to ask for better basic information. I'm interested in a description / how-to guide describing of all script commands and all functions. It should contain a description of the result delivered, the parts and their parameters needed to get it and information how to create it. FM help does not cover this in detail. For example, a "sha
  4. hmmmm ... I've studied your solution with great interest. It makes exactly what I like to have, and I love it. Then I tried to rebuild your solution from scratch to get a better understanding about HOW TO MAKE IT, and HOW DOES IT WORK. I wa not able to create an exact clone of your solution, and my solution does not work properly, and I'm unable to find the reason for. So far I got stuck with some stupid problems that could be the reason for malfunctions: -How do you create table "UninstalledSoftware" Your table only contains "SoftwareID", nothing else. Is this
  5. very useful, thanx a lot. Helps me to understand something more about FMs way to solve application problems. unfortunately I was unable to find the solution you mention even with a relatively high amount of searching in the faq with keyword portal, portal to portal and a lot more ... most searches deliver a huge amount of info to scan. Any ideas about a better way to search to get less and more relevant infos out of the faq? by the way: do you know a very good book explaining the "philosophy" used by FM (will be helpful to get a clue about how to solve real problems) and
  6. After several trys I think that I've gotten completely stuck with the idea what I'd like to have: I've two tables: menu and user. their content may but must not be connected by entries in table menu_user. For easy maintenance I'd like to have a layout menu_form that shows a menu, and all user(s) connected to it and all user(s) that are not. In both portals showing the related/not related user(s) I want to have a button allowing me to delete a certain menu_user-connection or to establish such a conection. My example has worked a bit - but not correct for all cases. So after two d
  7. Dear Fitch thank you for your answer. It helps -)). Additional question: If I use a field instead of a global variable, is the actual value of this field at a given time per user too or is it common to all concurrent users?
  8. I've found that I can have local and global variables in FM. Local variables are visible and valid within a certain script. Global variables are visible and valid within a certain database (file). Questions: What about multi-user access? What about multi-database applications? Has every logged in user his own copy of a script and the local variables within this script and their respective current values? Has every logged in user his own copy of a set of global variables and their current values set initially or by the user? Is there a way to get from a data
  9. Thank you for your table join example. It was useful for me to see how two tables and their associations can be managed with layouts, and I like it. But your example does not maintain referential integrity. When I delete a record from table Organizations or from table Contacts, the association table contains an incomplete (and from my point of view wrong) row in the Affiliations table after this. And sorry, but I do not understand the meaning of "meat and potato" - what do you mean, please? May be that this is the wrong post/thread for this. Whenever there's a better one for this q
  10. Hi, and sorry for the interception. I'm studying how to deal with a crosstable as well. I've read all entries in this post with interest. Could it be useful to use a very simple example to discuss all functions needed and if available handling methods for the cross-table problem? I have the impression that the main question "how can I manage a crosstabel situation" are still unanswered. I'd like to use a very simple example for this Table a contains fields id_a (primary key) and a (some value). Table b contains fields id_b (primary key) and b (some value).
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