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  1. Try using the unix temporary directory "tmp" So, something like "/tmp/temp_file.jpg" Good Luck, Dave Wheelock
  2. rivet, Thanks for the suggestion, and I will consider it. I'm using Mandrill for some other projects, and you're right, it's pretty killer. If you haven't read Daniel Wood's awesome blog post on using Mandrill, you should check it out. In this case, my client already owns and uses the 360works email plugin, so I'm simply trying to expand their current use. Dave Wheelock
  3. Hi, I'm attempting to install Email plugin v2.03 on a Mac server, however, when installed into the extensions folder (Library/FileMaker Server/Database Server/Extensions/), the plugin doesn't show up in the admin console. And, if the server is booted with the plugin in place, FMS won't start at all. So, the question is: will this plugin work with a Mac running 10.9.5, Java 7 update 71 (the latest as of today), FMS 13.01 (yeah, it needs to be updated)? Any other thoughts or suggestions are surely welcomed! Cheers! Dave Wheelock
  4. My client recently upgraded their FileMaker Server, an xServe, to OS X 10.9 and FMS13. As a result, an existing php web site, pulling FileMaker data using fx.php, is now broken. I perform a simple query, looking up a user by their account name. After the upgrade, I am returned 0 records with an error of '4'. The weird part is, when I run my script with debug on, and I manually click on the resulting query URL it works as I would expect. The XML result is the one record I asked for. I can't seem to find other forum posts, from others who have had this issue after upgrading to FMS13. Is
  5. I can't believe I forgot to mention that I'm using 360works Scribe to insert the text. Dave
  6. Has anyone tried or been successful in adding basic formatting (bold, italic, underline, etc.) to text that is being inserted into a .docx document? Specifically, I sometimes insert large blobs of text, some of which (but not all), may be formatted bold in FileMaker. Of course when the text is inserted into the word doc, all formatting is lost. I know word's formatting is more complicated than just wrapping tags around the text, but is there another way? TIA DAve Wheelock
  7. Hi John, Thanks for the reply. Yes, the icon and filename are what we get. The problem is, when we use the affected PDF on a Report layout, it prints as the icon/filename as well. If you use the 'Insert PDF' script step, a single page PDF prints as if it were an image. Haven't tried SetField( GetAsThumbnail), but I'm not hopeful since this function is meant for images, and nothing was rendered in the first place. I'll give it a try, and will report back. I'm really trying to avoid a robot scenario.
  8. Hi all, I'm using Scriptmaster's 'Get File as Container' function on a server-side script to pull in user supplied files, images, PDFs, MHTML files and excel files, from a server folder, and insert them into container fields. I'm doing this since the 'Insert fill-in-the-blank' script steps aren't supported by FM Server 12. My issue is that I need the functionality of 'Insert PDF' so my PDFs can be easily viewed and printed. Without it, they just show up as generic files. So, I'm wondering if anyone has been successful in expanding the functionality of the 'Get File as Container' fun
  9. I know this topic is quite old, but has there been any advancement on Scribe to recognize carriage return in Windows? Has anyone found a workaround for this limitation? Or, even without Scribe, has anyone else found a way to insert or replace text in a .docx file from FileMaker? I understand the xml formatting within a .docx file is difficult, but without support for carriage returns, it really limits Scribe's usability. TIA, Dave Wheelock
  10. Hi David! Is there any new development related to this issue? I have spent a fair amount time trying to force FileMaker/Scribe to insert different forms of carriage returns into winword, with no success. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers! Dave Wheelock
  11. There it is! That fixed it. Instead of tossing all of the thumbnails (we have about 200k stored images), I just threw away the the thumbnails related to this particular database. Is there any overwhelming reason to remove the entire thumbnail folder? Thanks for the help David, have a great weekend. Dave W
  12. They are now! : The 'problem' server was on 2.76. I just upgraded it to 2.77, and it still has the issue. BTW, both servers are running standalone versions of SuperContainer Server, on Mac OS x 10.6 -- 10.6.4 on 'problem' server, 10.6.5 on 'good' server. If we need to upgrade to 10.6.5 on the problem server, I'll have to schedule it with the client. Dave W
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