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  1. When syncing there is always the risk of an interruption. You could start the sync while you are driving, but during the sync you lose the internet connection so the sync couldn't be completed. That is just one scenario but there are innumerable others. I'd like to know if MirrorSync is aware if a sync is not completed successfully. Suppose you are syncing an invoice with various line items. Will MirrorSync know if all the invoice line items were received and synced correctly?
  2. What happens if a sync is interrupted? Are there safeguards in place to ensure that the user knows the sync wasn't completed successfully? Thanks, WIll
  3. Hi Obinna, Thanks for clarifying this. It's disappointing but I'm sure your firm has done everything possible to resolve it. - Will
  4. I'm using SC 2.852 on Mac with 10.6.8 and another Mac with 10.7.3 and I can't get the drag&drop functionality to work when I try to drag&drop from Safari or Chrome. Does this work for anyone? I can drag and drop from finder, but not from a browser which, for me at least, is a key feature of this plugin. I can drag&drop from Chrome on Windows 7. Sometimes websites have a sophisticated zooming technology that prevents dragging&dropping, but on Windows 7 it is just as easy to right click on the image to Copy then to click on the SC webviewer and click on Paste. On the Ma
  5. Hi Obina, Once I made the modifications to httpd.conf at one client site, the images were visible from outside the office. I made the same modifications to the client with Mac OS Server, and the images are still not visible. Are you certain that Server doesn't require an additional configuration setting? Thanks, Will
  6. I've installed SC on numerous PCs and Macs, but am having a problem getting it to work at one client site. SC works fine in the office, but we just can't see images remotely. The only thing that is different at this site is that SC is hosted on Mac Server. The host is running FileMaker Pro 11 v4. We have the latest version of SuperContainerserver.jar, we've opened port 80 and have verified that it is open via CanYouSeeMe.org. In System Preferences we have Web Sharing turned on. Is there some special setting for Mac Server? What setup step have I possibly overlooked? Thank you fo
  7. Hi Obinna, Any response to my post of Jan 02? Thanks, WIll
  8. Obinna, Let me rephrase my posting. The goal is to determine the dimensions of an image that is in SC. SCGetContaier copies the image from SC to a container field. However, there is not a way, that I"m aware of, to extract the dimensions of an image from a container field. Do you know of a way to do this? The only method, I am aware of, for extracting the image's dimensions is if the image is stored as a reference then the GetAsText(image) is called. Since images are essentially stored by reference in SC, it made sense when Valentine wrote in 2009 that they'd add this feature to the fe
  9. In order to be green and cut down on paper, we need to get the dimensions of an image in SC. I can't see where this has been implemented, but I could be missing something. Has this been implemented? One can use the GetAsText(Image) to get the image size if the file is stored in FileMaker by reference. Is there some way to use this in conjunction with the URL path in SC? Thanks, Will
  10. Our firm has purchased many copies of SuperContainer for our clients and it has been solid software. However, the application has alway been limited in scope in that the end users were our client's employees running SC within FMP. Recently we've been testing SC with IWP so that our client's clients could view images via IWP. It appears that for most Mac browsers the images will appear as expected the first time. However, out of six general use PCs, only one of them displayed images initially. The problem was either they had older versions of Java or there was some internal setting that preven
  11. Update: Updated Java on a couple of PCs and found that Chrome and Foxfire display correctly. Explorer 8 still shows the bars and Explorer 9 does as well and wont' show about half of the images.
  12. Even when I use the height and width parameters in the URL description, scroll bars continue to appear in Windows browsers. Not Mac browsers. In the attached image the image has been made very small, but the vertical scroll bar is still visible. For some reason when I scroll down there is always an icon of a page that seems. Any ideas how to resolve this? Thank you for helping me keep my sanity, Will
  13. What is the best way to incorporate SuperContainer and the iPhone/iPad2 camera when you aren't running Server and have server side scripts? I'd like to incorporate SuperContainer with the iPhone and new iPad2 cameras but not sure the best way to go about it. Thanks, Will
  14. I see that I could store the NIC address for the host and compare the client's NIC to that. I'll go forward with that approach, but would be interested if there is not another method in which I don't have to store the host's NIC. - W
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