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  1. That is exactly what is happening. It would be amazing if you could steer me towards some documentation that backs this up? Many thanks for you reply
  2. sorry - i think it was clearly me being a moron.... That is very helpful... many thanks.
  3. thanks for the reply! is there a specific one you know about there??
  4. Does anyone know of a filemaker database that has a drop down field with values "hot" "warm" "cold"? Infact, any documentation about Filemaker and copyright / intellectual property could be really helpful... I have someone trying to sue me for use of the english language! Any help hugely appreciated!
  5. I am running a pretty simple applescript which counts the items in a folder that it is passed from a filemaker record, then returns the value to a cell. the script is tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" set mybox to cell "path" of current record end tell tell application "Finder" activate set numberfiles to count of (files in folder mybox whose name extension is "emlx") end tell tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" activate set cell "number" of current record to numberfiles end tell This works when I run it with script editor but
  6. I have a Database running on IWP which uses another filemaker database as an external data source. I need to set the privilege set of my client so that they can view the data from the external source but cannot see it on the IWP home page when they log in. I'm sure I'm being really dozy not figuring this out for myself but it's driving me mad! All help massively appreciated.....
  7. I have a database shared on filemaker server. I am writing a script using a remote login through filemaker 10 pro advanced, and i discovered that a custom function solves all my problems. Is there any way that I can remotely add this custom function to the custom functions recognised by the server, so that I can include it in my script? Any help hugely appreciated...
  8. I have 2 number lists, list1 and list2. List2 is smaller that list1, and everything in it is also in list1. I want to create list3. Which is essentially List1 - List2 Any help greatly appreciated
  9. I have a layout with a webviewer and I want users to be able to highlight text within the webviewer which is copied to the clipboard by a script. The first line of the script is "Copy[]" This works fine if the script is run from the scripts menu. I would ideally like the script to be triggered from pressing a button, however when the button is pressed, the webviewer is no longer selected and the highlighted text is lost. I'm not sure if the button method is possible but thought it would be worth an ask! ANy help hugely welcome.....
  10. I have a field which is a check box compiled from a value list of 10 values. I am trying to write a find script that delivers only records that have no boxes checked - ie the field is empty I'm sure i'm being foolish here and the answer is simple Help much appreciated!
  11. yes, i do. There are many other relationships running in the background that will be altered when these dates change. Thats why i need the field to be calculated
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