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  1. I have a database with websites in it. The website field is designated as a button to run open URL (without dialog) and works fine when running on my desktop; I click on the field and the website opens. But when I publish the database online (using IWP through a third-party host), it doesn't - nothing happens. I'm assuming I'm missing a step so can someone clue me in, please? Ideally, I'd like the URL to open in a new window as well. Also, how much of the URL need I in the field - the whole http:// thing, just www. or just __.com?
  2. yep - happens with every file (new or old) so I guess I'll try your suggestion if I can only find my darn disk (I did keep the install code)
  3. I could not find a better place to post this so I hope this is ok. Whenever I enter a field in any of my databases and double-click to select the contents, I run the risk of the screen appearing to shift a few millimeters down and to the right, black borders appearing top and bottom and getting Microsoft's standard error message referencing "filemakerpro.exe" encountering difficulties. FileMaker closes and scans for unused blocks when I reopen it. Usually nothing but time is lost but this is extremely aggravating - anyone know what gives?
  4. Thanks for trying to help Vaughn! This is a hosted database (by one of your advertisers) I created the error layout (called NoRecords) I don't know what " " means in your verbatim script suggestion. I can do the first two steps but when I try to set the variable using your exact language, FileMaker tells me it expects an operator so I get no further . . .
  5. Frustrated newbie needs verbatim script for no records found for online database. On my home computer, if no records match the search terms, I get a generic alert from FileMaker that no records were found. On the online database, nothing happens. I know you cannot use a custom message; I just need something to tell users the search turned up nothing. I have asked this before, elsewhere, but did not get answers that worked for me.
  6. I answered my own question: you need to adjust the accounts & privileges menu. I had given my website users very limited privileges and had to open that up a bit.
  7. My database as it exists on my computer allows users to search one field that is in the checkbox format (all the others are just text fields); but online, no checkboxes or even the labels for the individual checkboxes, are visible. There has to be a simple explanation that I'm just missing. Also; is there a standard web-compatible script for saying no records were found? I've asked this before but could not get any of the answers to work. Thanks!
  8. I run an internet directory where users are allowed to search a database and then sort their search results by either of three fields labeled description, location and contact. The search works fine but when they choose to sort by location, the list truncates itself. For example, a search produces 10 results, not sorted by location; clicking on sort by location will reduce the list to maybe 5 or 6 results that are now sorted, but missing 4 or 5 records.
  9. Set Error Capture [on] Perform find [] If [( Get(LastError)= 0] Show custom dialog ["no records";"Sorry Qwippo does not . . . . "] Else Show custom dialog ["records";"Qwippo has found . . . "] End if The above is exactly what I have for a script that is triggered by clicking on a formatted button in an online (instant web publishing) database - the search works fine, but if I type in a search term that I know cannot be matched, I do not get the "Sorry, Qwippo does not have . . . ." message. What am I doing wrong? NOTE: The Get LastError is not "=" but the "not equal
  10. Thanks Vaughan - the lines beginning with the # sign confuse me - are those verbatim?
  11. Stupid question, but it escapes me. I have a FileMaker 7 database on line through instant web publishing. It is searchable by the general public but I have been unable to successfully create a script saying no records match the search terms. This has to be drop-dead easy and I am embarrassed to ask but am compelled to. Just get me started. Thanks.
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