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  1. I promise I've tried searching for quite some time, but I can't find exactly what I'm after so... This seems simple - I would like users to be able to download pdfs associated to their record via the web. More specifics - this is for a school, I'd like parents to be able to log in to a site, see their student(s) and any associated pdf report for that student. I currently have container fields which hold pdf versions of grade reports, progress reports, etc. Is this possible? Thanks, Scott
  2. Anyone know how I would add two attachments to an email? Specifically, I need to add two attachments, both referenced as variables, to an email. I have a student database which loops through each record, attaching their individual grade card to an email and sends the email. This works great, except now I need to add a second attachment to each email. And each attachment is specific to the user. Thanks, Scott
  3. Hope someone else has seen this, FMP (10.0v3) keeps closing randomly, especially when trying to go from browse to layout mode. I've reinstalled but the problem keeps coming back. I've attached a pdf of the error report. This started happening after I installed OS X 10.6. Thanks,
  4. Nope, it was me. I left out part of the design. I was running the send mail script in the manager part of this DB, basically a shell but no actual data. The data resides in a 'databank' DB on the server. As soon as I moved the send mail script over to the "real" database, it worked perfectly. I now understand the file reference thing much better, I believe I was over thinking it. I also took your advice about the related documents table for storing the pdf reports. Thanks again for all of your help.
  5. Thanks so much. This seems like it should work. However, I'm now getting this message: "" could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk. Is this something to do with the container field data being stored in Filemaker or stored as reference? One more thing I don't quite fully understand. Thanks Sorry, just re-read your post. I think I actually am storing the pdf in the database and not a reference, but exactly how would I know?
  6. Yes, the structure could and should be improved, but I'm under a bit of a time crunch. So yes, a separate table is a good idea. I'd love to see an example based on what you referenced. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am trying to script sending emails with an academic report attachment to our parents. Specifically, I need to generate an email to each of my 9th grade students' parents (79 students). I would like to add their current midterm report as the attachment. The midterm pdf currently sits in a container field in the student table. I've read on the FMP site "Variables are not supported in file paths that are stored in container fields". Any ideas for a work around? Cheers
  8. I am really stuck on what is probably something simple. I am trying to create pdf's of student midterm reports and am stuck on getting the records to display on a per student basis. I have two tables in a Progress Report DB, Reports and Students, related via the Student ID. When I create a layout (pulling records from Student) and include a portal with the related records from Reports, all of the data comes fine, except for the display. I cannot figure out how to display the data on a layout when not using a portal. All I get for each student is the first record. So, for example, i
  9. I hope this is similar enough. I am getting the following error message when trying to upload a new database to FMS 10 (OS X 10.5.8). "One or more of your destination folders does not have enough space for the specified upload or it does not exist." I don't think this is actually the issue, rather I think it's permissions. fmsadmin and admin have read & write but I've noticed all other databases on this server also include read & write for fmserver. Any ideas where I need to go? Thanks
  10. Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking to do. Scott
  11. Thanks, LaRetta. I figured I was over-thinking. That works great. I appreciate the quick response. Cheers.
  12. This is most likely easy but.... I have three dates fields for our school's immunization records, DPT, DT & Tdap. I need a field that evaluates those three fields and is filled with the latest date. Currently I use the following calculation to evaluate two fields: If(Max (mr_DPT) > Max (mr_DT); Max (mr_DPT); Max (mr_DT)) Thanks, Scott
  13. Does anyone know a good solution for: Error: 7 - Running out of memory I'm publishing a db to the web and I am getting this error message. I've reduced the amount of fields to 3 simple text fields and I'm still getting this message. Thanks, Scott
  14. I'm hoping this is easy and I'm just missing something simple. Here's my issue - I found a survey db which I've been able to customize for a solution I'm trying to provide. I created a db which allows teachers to vote (yes, no or nt) for students for an award. They can also add comments. The issue I have is totaling the votes for each individual student. I created a totals layout which has a portal that pulls the teacher name, vote, and comments for an individual student. However, I haven't found a way to successfully total the number of yes, no or nt votes for that student.
  15. Thanks. I've watched your video, good stuff. I think I'm going to try re-starting the process all over with the two machine (alternate) configuration. That is, db server and WPE on the same machine and web server on a separate machine. Of course, I tried doing this simply by editing my current deployment but I got the following error: 'Deployment/Configuration error - 150 Starting WPE (wpe1) component failed: error code=2504.' From some other things I've read I wasn't surprised to get this error, I just figured what the heck. Hopefully starting from scratch and keeping
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