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  1. Hello, I have a couple of questions around trying to get a stored procedure to work using the Execute SQL script step. 1. With that script step you need to specify a DSN and it looks like it's limited to a local user DSN. Is there a way to use the System DSN set up on the server so it doesn't have to be set up on every user computer? 2. Is anybody able to execute a stored procedure just passing parameters with the script step? We haven't had any luck with that or writing data to a SQL table with a stored procedure kicking off once the record is committed. I get an ODBC error with the trigger assigned. Once the trigger is removed, the data can be written to the record without issue. We are currently setting a flag on the record to be processed with a timer job running on the SQL server querying for the flagged records. Currently running FMS 13 and FMP 14. Thanks, John
  2. I'm in the middle of upgrading from FM11 to FM13/14 and found sets of data will not import to mySQL correctly. Instead of the found set importing, the whole table gets imported. I get the same result on FMPA 13 and FMPA 14 32 bit. FMPA 14 64 bit won't even import at all. This process has been working for years in v11 and older versions. Server: mac Client: Windows 7 mySQL: 5.6, ODBC driver: 5.2 and both the 32 bit and 64 bit drivers connect to mySQL successfully. Anybody else have this issue? Thanks, John
  3. I found the issue. The base URL needs to be set in the startup script.
  4. I have several solutions that use Super Container and I'm having an issue where the portal container will intermittently show the thumbnail,while at other times it will show "Error" in the same container field. If I bring up the record in the base table, the image shows correctly. Please see the attached file. Thanks in advance for insight on this issue. John  Â
  5. Hi Webko, In this instance, the calls are for an internal AS/400. We use XML to pass data between FM and the AS/400, so that part of the URL is correct. Regards, John
  6. Hello, I'm trying to troubleshoot getting results from the web publishing engine. I've created a script that will return results as expected (24 records for my test), but when I try to run the script from a webpage, I get the fieldnames returned but no results. There are other calls using the WPE that work fine and I believe the URL is correct. It's below so others can see if it's correct. http://corkwood/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=ocp_fmp_webinterface&-lay=ocp_fmp_webinterface&-script=Digital_Edition_Update&-script.param=30103333&-find I've rebooted the server. Running FMSA on Win Server 2003 SP2. How do you troubleshoot something like this? Thanks, John
  7. Hello, I know there's a limitation of viewing 255 layouts in the layout dropdown on windows, but I was under the impression there wasn't a limitation on the mac. I currently have 56 layout folders with subfolders in each, but when I click on the Layout dropdown in the GUI, it only shows the first 17. I added a layout and that shows below the 17th folder, but none of the other folders show up. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks, John
  8. Hi Glenn, In the scenario I'm working on, I would know the record ID (not the internal) because it's being stored in another system and I want that system to update a status field in Filemaker. The part I wasn't sure of is when the WPE is processing the URL, if the record ID (user defined) was passed it would find that record and update it all within the one call. That's how I was interpreting what was in the manual, but wasn't sure how to pass a user defined ID. Looks like I'm back to two calls. Thanks, John
  9. I'm new to the web end of FM and am trying to edit a record using a similar URL below: "–db=employees&–lay=departments&–recid=13&Country=USA&–edit" The documentation seems a bit sparce on the details and my questions are 1. Is the "-recid" the internal FM record ID or is that one that is user defined? 2. If it's the internal ID, does there need to be a find performed first to capture the internal ID, then do the edit step or is there a way to accomplish this in one URL? What does the URL look like if you can use a user defined field? 3. Are there some good examples somewhere to look at? Thanks, John
  10. I have SuperContainer running in a couple of solutions without issue. I'm in the process of adding another document storage library to one of those solutions, so I created a new table and copied the appropriate SC fields into the new table, then updated the calcs to point to the new fields and duped and updated the appropriate scripts. Everything was working fine until I logged out, then logged back in and the portals would show "Error" in the container field. I've verified all of the calcs in data viewer, then pasted the dataviewer calcs back into the field defs and the portals would show the icons correctly. As soon as I would log out and log back in, the portals would show "Error" again. This is on a mac running 10.6.8 and SC 2.77, FMPA 10 and 11 have the same result. FMSA 10 is on a Windows VM running Windows 2003 R2 and SC is on a mac running 10.5.8. I log into a Windows session via RDC running FMPA 11 and go to the same records and the portals show correctly but errors on the mac. Even when the portal showed an error, I could upload and delete files with no issues. Went to lunch, came back, logged into the database again, and the portals are showing the graphics again and I didn't make any changes. Any idea what might be causing this? TIA, John An update to the original post- Logged in again from FMPA 10 and went to the layout and saw the "Error" in the portal rows. Navigated to another layout and back and the files showed up. The other document library in this solution never shows errors in the related portals so I don't think I'm having any network issues.
  11. Thanks for the response. I couldn't figure out how you came up with the values.
  12. Hello, In a previous post I had requested a way to convert tagged text to color and or be stylized. I had a reply with the following calc: Let ( [ formula = Substitute ( "" & Quote ( text ) & "" ; [ "<RD>" ; Quote ( " & TextColor ( " ) ] ; [ "</RD>" ; Quote ( " ; 16646400 ) & " ) ] ; [ "<B>" ; Quote ( " & TextStyleAdd ( " ) ] ; [ "</B>" ; Quote ( " ; bold ) & " ) ] ; [ "<I>" ; Quote ( " & TextStyleAdd ( " ) ] ; [ "</I>" ; Quote ( " ; italic ) & " ) ] ) ] ; Evaluate ( formula ) ) I thought Text Color was always RGB but the above values aren't RGB. What color space is it and how do you calculate the color values? I tried substituting RGB values, but then the calc wouldn't work. Thanks, John
  13. This works fantastic, thank you! I was thinking of something far more complex than this! I definitely need to spend time with the "Let" and "Evaluate" functions! Thanks again. John
  14. Hello, Text parsing is not one of my strong points! I need to be able to take tagged text and convert it to formatted text and there can be 0 to many tags in one line to multiple paragraphs. The tags are <RD>, </RD> for red text, <B>, </B> for bold, and <I>, </I> for Italic. An example may look like: <RD>This text will be red.</RD> The text in this line will be black. <B>The text here is bold</B> and this text is black again, then <I>this text is italicized.</I> Formatted it would look like: This text will be red. The text in this line will be black. The text here is bold and this text is black again, then this text is italicized. Any ideas on how to process this would be greatly appreciated, TIA, John
  15. Does anyone know of a plugin that will allow you to save text from Filemaker as an RTF File? Thanks, John
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