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  1. Thanks a lot Lee and LaRetta for your great help, I will try to change the modal option as you requested LaRetta and see how this work. Will keep you posted. Thanks.
  2. Hi J, Can you help to design something for our company, i have a solution already but needs some extra features, i live in Dubai so don't know gow we can work in this together. Thanks
  3. Tried few times to attach it here but it's not working, it keeps uploading the file and then at the end it tells me "No file were selected to attach" !!! Any help on this to attach
  4. I converted it from older FM version. I will try tomorrow to post the file here and see if you can help me, as i really need this solved. Thanks a lot all for your help so far really appreciate it.
  5. Hi Laretta, how can I send you the file so you can check it? Can you pm me your e-mail?
  6. Hi LaRetta, yes I'm using pop-up and drop-down to enter data but not directly in the portal. What I do is that the user click an "Add Payment Button" it opens a modal window with all the field needed to enter the payment details e.g: date, receipt number, amount, etc... and it copies the memberid to the new window to link the payment, then after data entry they just save it. The thing that this system has been working since FM9 and I upgraded to FM10,11 and now 12. It was working totally fine on windows and mac on the previous version, now it works only fine on the mac machine but not any win
  7. Hi Xtrim, I tried what you suggested but it works for few records then go back again to this issue? Any permanent fix i can do to avoid this error? I'd appreciate your help as this is really crticial to me Thnks.
  8. Great, will try this and will update you. Thanks
  9. Dear All, I'm using FM Server 12 on the server machine, on development machine I use FM PRO Advanced 12 on a MAC computer, I have a very weird issue which is as follows: - I have a layout that has a portal to show records from another related table. - To add a record on the portal you click a button which open a new form to add the new record then when you close this form you just see it on the portal directly. - People access these layout through Remote connection. What's happening that on the MAC machine everything is going perfectly, on Windows machines when they ope
  10. Thanks will try these and keep you posted. Thanks again
  11. Hello Mr_Vodka, I already did but didn't find anything relevant to what i'm trying to do Would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  12. Dear All, I'm working on a school system and all going well so far except for one issue. I have a student table, now what i want to do is to generate an "Evaluation Report" about every student after each quarter, here are the details: 1- I want to create an Evaluation template, where i can create a set of questions under different categories e.g: Technical, Admin etc.. and under each category in the report there are a set of questions with some answers (all checkmarks). 2- I want from the students screen to click a button, open another layout with the student name, sele
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