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  1. The first option worked fine for me. Thanks so much comment for your help, really appreciate it.
  2. Hi All, I have a members & memberships database, there is 2 tables: 1- tbl_Members: Memberid MemberName MemberStatus some other members data (e.g. date of birth, telephone) 2- tbl_Memberships: Membershipid MembershipPeriod Membership Payment Memberid(FK) These two tables are related members(One) membeships (many) as one member can have more than one membership specially when membership expired and he renewed for another membership. What I am trying to do is to build a report to show each member with all the memberships he has whether it's one or more, this is where i'm facing the problem, i tried 2 scenarios: Scenario 1: I build the report and based it on the tbl_members table, when I do this it shows only 1 membership for each member even if this member has more than one. Scenario 2: I build the report based on the tbl_memberships, and grouped the data by memberid, so it's showing fine, but when I try to use a script to show only the members with the "Active" in memberstatus table it doesn't see to filter, here is the script i'm using Go To Layout [tbl_members] Enter Find Mode [] SetField [tbl_members::memberstatus;"Active"] Perform Find[] Enter Browse Mode[] Go To Layout [rpt_MembershipsAll(tbl_memberships)] Sort Records [Restore;No Dialog] Enter Preview Mode [Pause] Enter Browse Mode Go To Layout [Original Layout] Is it because the report is based on tbl_memberships I can't filter on tbl_members::memberstatus;"active" or what? I'd appreciate any help or direction. Thanks.
  3. Thanks bcooney, it's working now fine, your example helped me so much.
  4. Thanks, will try to follow this example and implement it in my solution, appreciate your help.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a table which contains notes for members, the portal shows the related notes to members fine. The notes Table has 6 fields (Noteid, NotedDate, NoteCategory, Notesubject, NoteText & Notememberid) I use a portal to show all the fields except the Note Text field because it will contain a long text, so I put this field on the right of the protal, what I am trying to do is that when I click on a button on the portal row to show the related NoteText field next to the portal, can someone please help me to achieve that? Would appreciate if you can send me little bit detailed script as I'm a really a newbie with FM, I'm using FM10 Advanced Pro. Thanks
  6. Dear All, I know this might a very easy question, but it's really giving me hard time, I'm new to FM, I'm coming from Access / VB background so maybe I'm still trying to do things in FM the Access way. My question is that, I have a table which has members information, there is one field which called "Status", what I want to do is that to have a button on the main screen and when I click on it shows a report which have only members with the "Status" = "Active" only. The report is grouped by Team name, so every team have some members related to it and this work fine. I designed the report and it's working fine, except that it shows all the records not the one with "Active" status only. So I would appreciate if someone can provide me the steps of the scripts which i can attach to this button to perform what I want.
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