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  1. Need a tool that will compare the contents (not the structure) of two copies of the same file.
  2. Yes, i was looking to hire a developer (and will be soon again). Where was this one posted, and where should it have been?
  3. In many respects the Layout in FileMaker is obsolete. Printing width and length are overly restricted; drawing tools are ancient; undo is limited, re-do non-existent. Text handling is ancient and terrible, the ability to do any real typography is non-existent; text boxes behave strangely; crossing page breaks is still a problem sometimes. All of these concerns are *basics* that should have been in place in version four or five, six at the latest. At its heart the layout really hasn't changed since, what, version three?
  4. I have a solution that's in regular development AND in production use by the client. When installing the new file, all of the data is moved from the old one by a script which runs subscripts. Each sub script handles one table import roughly as described above; then it sorts by ID, goes to the last record, and updates the serial number via the script step "Set Next Serial Value". Difference in my import is that I don't use the Standard layout as a destination or do a find-all in the source; all the records and all the fields are imported into the clone file regardless. At least they seem t
  5. Hi - Does anyone have experience with the FM-iCal Connector product from qutic? Does it work reliably? What level of expertise does it take to implement for publication to iCal?
  6. myFMbutler has a thing called 'FileMaker to vCal' which published a constantly-updating stream of event information; iCal, sunbird, and other calendar apps can then subscribe to this and have live current data. SeedCode uses the same technique to publish data from their excellent calendar solution. I've yet to make the technique work reliably with my system, but the sample files did work properly so it can definitely be done. One needs to be able to write XML and/or XSLT.
  7. I'm currently working on a similar problem, without the need to do drag-and-drop. I'm starting from a calendar built off a paper written by John Mark Osborne several years ago; I've modified his approach to support scheduling for multiple rooms and multiple employees. My grids show rooms; the goal is to publish multiple iCal feeds, one for each staffer, as NovaChan mentioned. Have previously attempted this using instructions from SeedCode and myFMbutler. Since neither of these work am thinking the problem might be the way that CWP is set up on my server. Would like to know how your e
  8. Client wants to be able to create very long documents from their FMP system (which I built). Docs are mostly boilerplate, plus merge fields (some of which are of variable length), and range from five or ten pages up to fifty or a hundred pages. There are too many of these documents to script together a series of go-to-layout-and-print steps.
  9. If Bridge were an employee then it would almost certainly be work-for-hire. As a non-employee it depends on state laws and what agreement (if any) controls the working relationship between the individual, the company, and any other party that might be involved. (Is there an agency that placed the worker?) Those are questions for an attorney.
  10. I'm looking for recommendations on hosting and/or colocation services for an FMP solution that runs a company. Preferably the facility would have sufficient redundancy, security etc. to meet the standards for a Tier 1 or 2 Data Center. The availability of system administration services (FMP, Windows and Mac OSX) would be a plus. This isn't Angie's List ;-) but any experience that you have had with the provider is of particular interest to me. Thanks!!
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