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  1. That's perfect! Thank you so so much for helping! That got it to work perfectly! I'll be WAY more specific with problems in the future. I didn't mean to blow you off..I'm new, and I just didn't understand. Thanks everyone!
  2. I did exactly as the instructions said: 1. I created a new report. 2. I made sure the report was pulling from the "notes" database in the "columnar list/report." 3. I made sure to use "Report with grouped data." 4. I added all the fields that I needed to have appear on the report, sorted by "Company Name." 5. I then used the "default theme." This makes perfect sense to me. I did like I was told, and the report came out correct. Like I said, now it's not updating correctly when I add a new note. Am I not understanding correctly, or not using the correct options with t
  3. I'm new, I'm working on it -_-" My original question got answered, and I got it working. Now, however, there is another catch.... FINALLY, I got the companies to display all the notes, but for some reason the report will not reflect new notes I add to the company main page. I have tried refreshing the report page, just too see if it might show up. Nothing happened. So now I'm kinda stuck once more. Any ideas? I need the report to auto-update when I add new notes so I can print or export the report to an excel file.
  4. I apologize for posting more than once, I didn't mean to upset anyone. I would like to take what you say here as a total matter of fact...but if that were the complete truth, then my original posting would have had more feedback. For some reason, my second posting (perhaps because I worded it better?) actually gave me several responses that helped me with the problem is less time. Next time I'll be sure to delete an old post first, and better word my requests B)
  5. When that's an accurate statement, what else do you expect me to say? This is the first time I had to resort to posting the same issue more than once. The suggestion given didn't work. Plain and simple. Don't plan on doing it again, and I'm not encouraging people to do it in any way.
  6. Ok, using the format you said worked out very well. Now there is a new problem! Now when I add a new note to the company, it won't appear in the report. It's acting like any time I want to make the report, I'm going to have to recreate it to include all the new notes taken. Is there a way to set it up so it automatically pulls new notes and just adds it in there? I included a pic.
  7. In all fairness, I posted my original problem 3 days ago, with over 73 views, and only 1 response that didn't help my situation. I understand the policy, but my last post was going nowhere fast. At least the new one is helping a lot!
  8. Here is what the report is coming up like.
  9. I've added a picture that might help explain.
  10. hhmmm, how to explain this.... The portal can keep as many individual company notes as I need. The idea is to get all the notes that appear in the portal to appear in a report. Example: "Company A" has 8 notes that I have written about it. Now, I need to print a report that shows "Company A" and all the notes from the portal appearing on one report. As of this moment, when I try to run the report from the notes tables, and subcategorize by company, the notes appear multiple pages. Put more simply: I run a search for "Company A," and instead of simply displaying one page wit
  11. Ok, I've tried over and over again. I need more suggestions guys! I'm running out of time, and I'm completely stuck....Please help!
  12. It doesn't seem to want to work very well....Any other suggestions?
  13. Morning everyone! My boss has asked that I print a weekly report on updates I make to notes on each company, and export them to an Excel file. Here is the tricky part: When I do the report, only the most recent note/time of creation/creation date, appear. I need ALL the notes to appear for each company, including their corresponding dates/times. The data containing the company notes and date/time is coming from a tab containing a portal with a "note" relationship . Photos are included that display all the info pertaining to this problem. I'm sure it's a simple fix....j
  14. Oh absolutely. No complaints about FM Pro 9 whatsoever. I didn't get angry at anyone, just filed a complaint about it is all. Just frustrating is all. New job, new software, it's life :P
  15. I took a look at the new FM Pro 10, and have to say that it looks pretty nifty. I like the looks of the new features and ever simplifying the interface, but I do have an issue.... I just purchased FM Pro 9 for my company as a means of keeping track of all our sales info. It was delivered Nov. 24th. FM refuses to let me upgrade to 10 without cost because I did not buy it after Dec. 6th. Anyone else think this is a crock? I saw no indications that a brand new version was about to be released, otherwise I could have waited the additional couple weeks. I guess I just need to gripe abo
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