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  1. Thanks mfero! could you tell me what the loop script would look like? Thanks again, maui
  2. How to write this calc.... if = 3, result should display upcoming 2 weeks of Saturday's, Friday's, Thursday's in date format. Example for the upcoming 2 weeks. Should return 11/25/2010 11/26/2010 11/27/2010 12/02/2010 12/03/2010 12/04/2010 Thank you! maui
  3. Vaughn: Thank you very much but i don't understand. I have a field called FedexZone, it tells me the'ShipArrivalForecastDate' field which displays the day of week via calc. If we want to change the 'ShipArrivalForecastDate' via a valuelist created from your calc, what would that look like? Thank you again! Maui
  4. Ray: Thank you for the calc. Perfect! Barbara: Thanks. Here's what happens. Our customers create a menu in ajax and it's stored in session. When they get to checkout, the very last page is where ALL the action occurs. We hit the Authorize.net api, fedex api, create the order, the customer info, order line items, inventory deduction, etc. the order line items creates up to 80 records alone because our customers can choose up to 80 items. So the PHP posts the session data and WHAM all the records are cretaed. It was taking 22 seconds to process the order. With this text field, it only takes
  5. Hello Folks. Need help with this calc.... if (x=y, Show all 'Day 4(Wednesdays)' between current date and 30 days out) Result would be something like if calc ran during first week of November after november 4 11/10/2010 11/17/2010 11/24/2010 Thanks! Maui
  6. bcooney: thanks for the advice. Is this something you could set up for us? I would be happy to pay you. if this would be a faster method and no chance of connectivity errors, i am very interested! Thanks! maui
  7. Thank you. Interestingly, we have a table with Category, Unique ID, product name. The problem is when someone creates an order in our cart and we set the order, it has to create about 150 new records for each order. The PHP triggers the order creation and the lag time is about 8 seconds in response from filemaker back through the api to our cart. we have looked at other means to speed this up but i believe a single text field parsed out is our best option
  8. Thank you both. It is sort of a continuation however I am attempting to create one large text field calc that will display all items including their categories...respectively. So Loretta, you are saying to create a field for each far left starting character...ie... 112 135 these would go in 'field a' 243 288 these would go in field b 333 398 into field c so on??? thanks! maui
  9. I have a text field that looks kinda like this: 112 144 233 235 344 355 433 419 I need a calc which will insert titles above each subset grouped by hundreds...not sure if i described it properly but here's what it would end up looking like using the above text field: Parts 112 144 Surplus 233 235 Inventory 344 355 Assets 433 419 Calc must locate the first occurrence of the 'hundred' digit change and insert title above it. Thanks folks! What a great group you are for beginners like me. Maui
  10. Thanks Comment, i really appreciate your help. one other question. I need to fire a script. See (Topic#217258). Can you help? thanks! Maui
  11. Thanks Comment!! Qty will NEVER be empty or equal 0, we validate beforehand with Javascript. My 2nd question is this. You are creating records on a table with the script you provided. Am i better off doing this or can i simply place a portal on the layout and create the records in the portal? Which is faster? Thanks Again! Maui
  12. I want to run this script: CreateMenu On this layout: WebOrderSimple2 Here's my PHP code, can someone please tell me exactly what code i need to run to this? Thanks!!! <?php //error_reporting(E_ALL); // ini_set('display_errors', '1'); ob_start(); require_once 'OrderManager.obj.php'; require_once 'vmail.php'; require_once 'ShipGroundDomestic.php'; $OM = OrderManager::getOrderManager(); $fm = $OM->getFilemaker(); if(!($OM->getCustomerID() > 0 )) { header("Location:../login.php"); } if(empty($_SESSION['oldvalue']['
  13. Thank you very much comment. Very fast. Question, how would i set these in a portal named 'BaggingNeedsPortal' Thank you again. Maui
  14. How to take this format: 183|1,191|4,144|7...etc in a field, and create a new record for each set as follows ID Qty 183 1 (first record created) 191 4 (2nd record) 144 7 (3rd record) etc. Thanks!
  15. need script or calc that will take 40 lines of barcodes separated by returns.... 889765641 889765643 889765645 889765642 889765640 etc,etc then locate each barcode in a set of records and perform simple script step (like set a field, checkbox, etc.. Then go to the next barcode in the above example, set the field, etc. Then go the nex t barcode. thanks!
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