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  1. Rental Inventory Availability

    Glad you posted this question as I'm rebuilding a Filemaker 6 database that serves a rental based business and this functionality seems difficult to explain to FM developers. I'm rebuilding it to use in FM 11 however. Is there anything of value in those links for a version of FM that doesn't use SQL ( as I'm pretty sure FM 11 does not )? Thanks
  2. I am building a new version of my rental & production business database in FMP 8. I will be importing data from my current FMP4 database and I would like to make some widely recommended changes in the relationship linking structure. I currently have separate files for Orders, Purchase Orders, Companies ( be they customers or vendors ), Venues ( where orders such as concerts or meetings take place or are delivered to ) and People ( who can work at either Companies or Venues ). Orders, People and Purchase orders relate to Companies and Venues by a link that is hand entered when that Company or Venue is created and is a contraction of the entities' name. I would like to change this relationship link to one based on the record serial number but since I have ten years of records and 1000s of orders, companies and people all with existing links and existing record serial numbers to relink I'd like to ask for a bit of guidance on the best way to approach this. Thanks for any suggestions
  3. Notice I didn't say data structure ;-) I'm in the laborious process of changing my ten year old FMP4 business system into an FMP8 version. I have a conceptual question about the merits of consolidating my data. I currently have separate files for " COMPANIES " that include both clients and vendors distinguished almost entirely by having either a client key field populated or a vendor key field populated or both. Client orders naturally are related via the client key ad purchase orders via the vendor key. I also have a " VENUE " file with a venue key field of course to relate the site of the show ( we provide production services to concerts and meetings ) or delivery in the case of a rental. Another " PEOPLE " file relates to both of these files. In the course of converting separate files to tables within a single database it occurs to me that it would be beneficial to consolidate the venues data in to the companies data since we often have clients that are also venues and it would reduce that much data entry. Each company record would then have client, vendor and venue key fields and those fields would be populated based on the type of entity that record represented. My question is rooted in my ignorance of the ramifications of the new structure of FMP 8 . Should I go for every such short cut that FMP 8 affords or are there drawbacks to too much of a seemingly good thing? Sorry if this is not the right section for this question. It's my second post.
  4. orderform into inventory

    Hello Soren I see that you are in the thick of things again. Also good to see that you have such a solid grasp of the real issues at hand. ;-) I'm just now poking your sample template with a stick to see how it moves. What level of Filemaker is required to achieve the conditional formatting you refer to ?

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