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  1. Been there; done that... Not sure why but couldn't make that function work with case statement. But your comment has given me an alternate solution by using a field to set for identifying what invoice is needed and like you suggested would eliminate the need for other layouts just use calc's for everything. Thanks for the quick reply!
  2. Hey guys trying to make a multi purpose hybrid field that changes based on the layout. ( There is 5 different fields that are spread over 10 layouts which would bring 50 calc fields to 5 ) So layout name would dictate what field to show up... Weird thing is that a simple if statement is working perfectly... But there is ten different layouts. When I try n put it in a case it doesn't work. I've even tried simple math logic Sample Case( If (Get ( LayoutName ) = "AprilInvoice" ; 1 ; 0 )=1 ;april text; If (Get ( LayoutName ) = "MayInvoice" ; 1 ; 0 ) = 1;may text;
  3. Not sure if this is a no brainer but was wondering if it was possible to find things based on their conditional formatting. Like field that has a resulting different text color or background color... Is there a search by color script step? I know that this is a funny way of going about finding something that my conditional format formula has found but being an avid excel user you get used to such tools. Tools that inexperienced user's can manage. Cheers, Jr.
  4. Fix Set Field ["Database::DateField" ; "GetAsDate ( "" )"] Just put this in a script n loop and should be good to go.
  5. Date field that user set's with drop down calender. For the new year the client has asked for me to clear previous entries in this field. But when the user went to create a value filemaker some how remembered the previous entry (if there was one). Being that all entry's were from last year going through the extra clicks to set a new date is not necessary. To clear the records I did replace field contents with "" Perhaps that was not the proper way to clear the previous records. Anyhelp with this glitch would be great.
  6. I'm in a similar situation... And all the script steps seem to default onto one printer... One option is to add the print script but not print setup and de-click without dialog... This is what I've done, it asks the user which printer and once they've selected the script resumes. Works every time. No problems ever since... Obviously any task that prints to a primary printer you can select without dialog. Hope this helps.
  7. To be fair what I wanted to achieve was fixed in version 10... I was using a third party app with fms 9 for revision backups. And that software also compressed and updated to ftp, quite efficiently, compared to the full backup of each schedule in a different time-stamped folder. Guess I will have to re-think my extra backup with this new setup. Thanks for the quick reply; I didn't think that feature could be disabled. Regards, Mike.
  8. I've had experience with both sever 9 and 10, I was wondering why in version 10 the backup's have separate folders for each scheduled backup? Can this behavior be disabled? Regards, Mike.
  9. I'm not quite sure what you mean by front end... but sure I've made several excel files via odbc from fmp. Mostly for charts and statistics.
  10. I have a balance sheet with services of different types. I'm trying to create a past due function. Now there are different services provided at different times of the year. So I'm wondering if there is a way to control the field calculation? I was thinking of linking the calculation to a global field that I could change with a check box. My first attempts are simply creating a literal text link, they aren't really performing calculations to related fields. Maybe this type of connection isn't permitted within filemaker... Any idea's would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I've created another field to calculate the total amout of time spent for calculation... 2:30 hours turns into 2.5 with this formula. Hour(Total Time) + (Minute(Total Time)/60) If I'm using this right, and I think I am, it looks to be accurate enough... If someone has a different approach to the situation I am interested. Regards, Mike.
  12. It must be getting late in the day and my brain can't seem to make sense of the possibilities! Anyways, I'm trying to calculate average per hour. Each call log has a time stamp. There are three fields to calculate total time, one for min and one for max one showing the total time spent for calls. Another field summary totaling calls. These all work fine. How do i get calls per hour using the total call time? Does there need to be a conversion of time to number to perform this calculation? Regards, Mike.
  13. Thanks for you're time, I see that we the relationships are along the same path, and yes the individual link is more efficient as a global. Regards, Mike.
  14. This file is just a demo with the same basic relationships and script. My database's layout design is not as open for total editing to prevent user error. Obviously my layout design doesn't have identical portal and linked fields like this file. If there's a better/proper way to achieve this then I would be interested in your comments. Regards, Mike. Contact_Management.zip
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