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  1. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible for me to change the middle mouse funcion to instead of rolling trough records to just scrolling along the layout. the reason for this is that i dont want people scrolling trough quotes table they have to go back to clients table and search the new client to have acess to his quote! Any one know if this is possible. or if there is a way to lock it trough a script would help too.. thank you!
  2. That is exaclty what i am asking! i dont want anyone to do my work. I just need to understand the process! Just tell me when and where! Thank you very much! Regards, Murillo
  3. Ok.. i see it now! its not deleting. Thank you for creating this demo for me. I dont think i could do this by myself on my database software. Would it be too much to ask you to follow me trough this? Thanks again! Murillo
  4. Hi, Thanks for your help. I tried your method out, and the only doubt that i have seen that when you create a second invoice the first one dissapears. is this how its supposed to be ?
  5. Hi, Does any one know how to add a webcam to filemaker? just a simple snapshot to be added automaticly into a container field for our customers. Is this possible? Thank you.
  6. Yeah ! right on the mark! i dont understand how to make that happend though... i am going to create a field with the options, 10-20m3/ 20-30m3 ... and when i click on 10-20m3 then it will loop the field that i have created on the same table? Confusing... i know i need to study more about filemaker, but i have already seen a basic and advanced video, but it only shows you piece by piece.. putting it togeather is the hardest part, and that they dont teach!!! but anyway.. if there is a simple way for you to help me out with this than thank you. if not then ill figure it out somehow!
  7. Ok.. sounds like it can work.. but then, how would i import that into my estimates table? it would be the same way i was asking on how to transfer line items from estimates to invoice right ? or is there another way to do this ? thanks
  8. My apologies, I was not replying to your answer.. we posted at the same time. Thanks for the response. I think it makes sense to just make the sales a status field. are there any dissadvantages on doing that ? I also have another question on creating pre-defined product list on my quotes. I work for a pool construcion company, and the quote is based on the pools size, so i wanted to make a pre-defined list for pool say 20-30m3 then populate with these values, 30-40m3 populate with these values, and so on... is that possible? Thanks you so much for your response !
  9. since i am not getting any leads i decided to explain myself better on this question. I need to transfer all the products from my quote table, to my sales table. If any one knows, I am beggin for your help. Thanks again. Murillo
  10. Does no one know the answer or is my question stupid? thx.
  11. Hi, I`m stuck with a very simple problem so ill just be breif. Thank you for your consideration! I have two tables: Quotes Invoices Inside quotes and invoices i have a portal row relating data from their List items. I need to transfer all the fields "products, qnt, value, etc..." From quotes to invoices, without deleting the data from the quotes table. so basicly i need to copy all my quotes to an invoice table. seem rather easy but i dont have any experience with variables, and i cant seem to find any good tutorials. If anyone could help i would be very gre
  12. That is exactly what i am doing. But the calculation doesnt work example. Products ID ::::: NAME 1 --- CANDY 2 --- popsticle 3 --- GUM Purchases PRODUCT ID ::: NAME ::: QNT ::: PURCHASE ID 1 ----------- CANDY --- [color:red]3 ----- 1 1 ----------- CANDY --- 2 ----- 2 2 ----------- popsticle -[color:red]1 ---- 3 1 ----------- candy --- 1 ----- 4 2 ---------- popsticle - 2 ---- 5 going back to PRODUCTS AND ADDING A QNT FIELD QNT = SUM (PURCHASES QNT) PRODUCT ID ::: PRODUCT NAME ::: QNT 1 ------------ candy --------- [color:red]3 2 --
  13. Thank you for your response. But i didnt find the answer neither on the demos or on the links. I have purchases/line item/Sales/ but if i try to count something in the purchases or line items it just gives me the first number not the individual number. sory if i didnt get the whole picture but i just need a way to get from the purchases and the sales the sum of the QUANTITY OF ITEMS INDIVIDUALLY so i can subtract them both. Am i going the right direction? thanks again
  14. Hi, I have a problem that i havent been able to solve for a long time. I`ll get straight to the point: I have a purchases and sales table linked to a items list wich is pulling data from the products table. I need the full quantity of the products. So, if i purchase 4 and sell 2 then i have 2 left. very simple but i cant get it to work. Let me simulate my problem: lets say i purchase 20 pieces of gum. In the items list it creates a new row of a record saying i have bought 20 pieces in a quantity field. Now, i have sold 10 pieces of gum. In the items list it shows i ha
  15. ok, i created a TO for my products table, sales list table, and purchase table, then i related all 3 to each other, my key field remains product id now linkd to product TO, i left the to's all to show a value of 1 on creation. but still nothing happend. am i doing this right ??
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