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  1. Hi Comment, this looks very, very promising. It's late at night here in Frankfurt, so I am going to try this tomorrow. Thanks in advance,
  2. I just have the fields to edit above a portal that shows a list of all names in the database. With your help I now have a portal that behaves just like the dataset above it. So after a find, the portal has only the data of the find. Very cool!! I only have about 2000 records, but I would like to just press a button to jump to the first name that starts with "S". I tried the "S...T" thingy, that returns records that start with "S", but also those that have like a second or third word in the "lastname" field that starts with "S". This also finds "Oris SA" because of the "SA" in the name. Ot
  3. Hi Comment, VERY COOL!!!, works realy well. The thing that does not work so good anymore, is my script to i. e. find the first name that starts with letter X. This has slowed down heavely!! I know I'm beeing a pain, but . How would you implement (into your example) a routine to find the first record that STARTS with a given Letter. For instance: Go to first Table:lastname that starts with "S".
  4. "http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/182509..." tried that with 1500 records, it's pretty slow!!! Is there a way to read the find criteria and apply it to a second table? The "Frankfurt" example is just to simple. Is there a way to "know" what the user is searching for?
  5. Oooops, I only have a "regular" FM 9 PRO and I can't use custom functions like CollectFoundSet(). :P
  6. Thanks John! I really did try to find an answer before posting, didn't find this. Thanks 4 the help. I'm new to this Filemaker stuff and not really firm with the syntax just yet. "David Kachel's White Paper for FM Novices" way ahead of you on that one. Have it already printed out, just have to read (and understand?) it now.
  7. Hi, this is what I have: a table (NAMES) with a relationship that is connected by a unique number with the X option (showing all records in the portal). [color:brown]My "problem" Nr. 1: after a FIND the related database still shows all records, what´s the trick to synchronise these 2 tables? I want both tables to show the same data, i. e. if I'm showing only names in "Frankfurt", the relation should behave the same. [color:brown]My "problem" Nr. 2: I have a script (got to record next) to move within the table and want to move within the portal. When all records are shown, a "Go t
  8. Now this sounds realy promissing. Thank you for your help!!
  9. Hi Fenton, naming the object seems like a good thing, but how can I figure out with of 8 Tabs is showing? Is there a way to figure out which one of the Tabs is the activeone? Assuming Tabs are named "TAB1" through "TAB8". Can't find anything on the net.
  10. Another problem is as follows. I have a couple of portals on a TAB-CONTROLL how can I figure out (manage scripts) which TAB is showing?
  11. "he may already have the Go To Field before the Go to Portal Row" Yupp...... :)
  12. Daniele, I just figured it out.. After the [color:brown]Got To Related Record[bla, bla... I added a [color:brown]Go To Field[bla, bla...
  13. Hi Daniel, my code in Filemaker looks just like yours. Still does not work.......
  14. Hi, that's not the problem. The "Go To Related Record" step includes which layout to use. I already tried the "Go to Layout" but it doesn't change anything. Regards from germany, Robert
  15. [color:brown]Set variable [ $Portalrow; Value:Get( PortalRowNumber )] Go To related record[ bla, bla Go to Portal Row[select; $Portalrow ] Seems straight forward. My logic: Where was I?, change to different record, move to the row in the portal where all this started of. Doesn´t work as expected! Does work if I leave out the step [color:brown]Go To related record[ bla, bla. The variable contains the correct value (i.e. 34) but the [color:brown]Go To related record[ bla, bla seems to reset the rowcount to 1. So I get an error since I am trying to reach a row > 1. Any ideas
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