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  1. Hi everyone, I have a report in Filemaker that utilizes sub-summaries and portals. It's set up exactly as I want it, but someone needs it exported as an Excel spreadsheet. However, when I try to export the individual fields to Excel (specifically the field I had set up a portal for), the sorting and ordering of the data I have in my report is lost. Is there a simple way to export my report to Excel so that it looks exactly the same as the report in FM? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, Is it possible to change the size of a field box without using the mouse? I have a field box that I want to make a little bit larger, but when I click and drag using the mouse, the next size it will allow is too large. Is there any other way to change the size of the box to make exact changes? Thanks!
  3. SGT

    Report w/ grouped data

    Ahh, gotcha. OK. Rather than fight with it more, I just have company and contract fields in the body, but since contract is now a local field, it's showing all of them. That's essentially what I wanted anyway. Thank you so much for your help!!
  4. SGT

    Report w/ grouped data

    Aha! One last problem. I changed it like you said, and now it is listing all of the contracts for each company. However, the company names (company field in sub-summary portion sorted by company) are still not showing up, even in preview mode. Any idea on why it might be doing this?
  5. SGT

    Report w/ grouped data

    OK. How do I go about fixing that then? I understand what you're saying but am not sure how to go about doing this.
  6. SGT

    Report w/ grouped data

    Sorry, the file attached to this post has a layout with sub-summary sorted by company (layout #50). I must be doing something incredibly wrong because when I put company field in the sub-summary section and then contracts in body, companies don't even show up. Company_contracts.fp7_2.zip
  7. SGT

    Report w/ grouped data

    Sure. It may give you an error when opening about not finding related files, but it will open anyway. Note that I didn't create this database but am modifying it. The two fields I'm concerned with are "company," in the contacts table, and "name of contract," in the contracts table. If you notice on the layout view, the contracts portal is listed as "cntc_INTRT"--I wasn't sure how to change it to cntc-contract, but that doesn't really matter. I appreciate all your help in advance, especially putting up with a FM novice like me. Company_contracts.fp7.zip
  8. SGT

    Report w/ grouped data

    Thanks for the advice. I was looking at the report in preview mode, and they are sorted by company. I'm still only getting the first contract for each company though.
  9. SGT

    Report w/ grouped data

    I'm getting farther, but still not there. I did what you said -- created a sub-summary by company, put the company field there, and put the contract field into the body part. I'm still only getting the first contract though. However, when I inserted a portal, chose the contract field, and put that into the body part, it shows *all* of the contracts. The only problem with that is that there is a set number of rows in the portal, so either there will be too many or not enough rows to show all the contracts. What I'm really trying to do is set this up in a columnar report, because I want
  10. SGT

    Report w/ grouped data

    I created a new layout, created a sub-summary sorted by Company, put company in the body, and the contract field in the sub-summary. But obviously that's only going to give me one contract per company. Can you explain what you mean by "it has to be done from a layout of the contracts table"? Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm working with a database that keeps track of companies and contracts that we have with them. Each record is for a separate company, and within each record I have a list of contracts. I'm trying to create a columnar report that lists each company *and* all of the contracts for each company (plus a few other fields, contact data for each contract). Essentially I want to have something like this: CompanyA ////Contract1////Phone# ////Contract2////Phone# ////Contract3////Phone# CompanyB ////Contract1////Phone# CompanyC ////Contract1////Phone# ////Cont
  12. Yes, but I realized I wasn't being specific enough in that I'm using Core 2 Crm. Thought people might have other ideas. I appreciate your help on the other thread, but couldn't get it to work.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm using core 2 crm to build a database of correspondence with companies. I'm using the "documents" tab to import all of the documents we send and receive to each company and need to create a report field that displays the title of the most recent document imported. I'm trying to create a columnar report that lists the date the most recent document for each company was imported, and the *title* of this document. So a company might have 10 documents (e-mails, faxes, whatever), but in the report I want to list the title of the *most recent one.* Does anyone have su
  14. I see how that should work, but if I add a sub-summary field sorted by subject, and then move the fields into the sub-summary area, they no longer appear in preview mode. It's just a blank layout. I've made sure that the fields are completely within the sub-summary area, too.
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