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  1. Hello I'm going nut over dates again. I need to do a "simple" monthly maintenance schedule. First table is the hardware with description, picture etc. Second table Line_Items shows as a portal in the hardware table this is where the maintenance is selected. It has 5 visible fields Maintenance description - Starting month - Ending month - Frequency - Next maintenance (Frequency choices = weekly, bimonthly, monthly, trimester ... yearly) I need to figure the month of the next schedule maintenance to build a monthly report. The report find criteria is the Next M
  2. Ok I found the way to connect through my Time Capsule with port forwarding. Now I need to find the way to do this at my job. At least I know where the problem is now. Thanks for your help. Direct access is no doubt the best solution. And I will find the way to do it.
  3. OK I'm looking for another solution but I'm not so good in server configurations so I have a few questions. DO I need FM Server 11 Pro to connect remotely (from home or with Filemaker Go)? I'm confused. At work or at home I can use fm go on the LAN to connect to the database (fm server 11 at work and fm pro at home) But I can't access through 3G, nor can I use the Internet link to connect from computer at home to work or from work to home. I authorized port access on my macbook pro os 10.7.1 (hell I even turned the firewall off) I just can't access it. I give all the access pri
  4. Yes I'm aware of that. They don't want to pay for a faster server... still need to find the best way to do it. This is for a special part of the db. He's the only one entering info on that part. I was thinking of creating a script that made him choose wich client he wants to update, find and import in the 3 diff tables. DOes it seems good?
  5. Hello We are working with databases at work. My boss would like to keep working from home so I need a solution. We can work remotely but the server connection is so slow it's hard to generate any script, it just take way too long to interact with the server and it drives us nuts on the long run. Can you offer your ideas on the best way to do it? Do I simply use a backup or a clone and make a script to import all the datas? Thank you.
  6. I found a solution. By adding a rectangular colored object with it's height 1 px taller than the part but exceeding at the bottom of the part; the color appear and print well in preview mode. The end is a bit sloppy but not so bad. That'll do. I applied a sliding up based on object above , it the rectangle doesn't exceed the part, the part did not slide up but the color was visible. Weird.
  7. zab

    Do not commit portal

    I love you. I can't believe how easy it is. Should have think of it myself. You made my day. Many thanks
  8. zab

    Do not commit portal

    Very interesting. Looks like the Bible's way without too many words ;-) Thank you
  9. An oldie but I can answer. The first db generates houses estimations and it's heavily used buy 3 peoples an it's heavily scripted. the other is for all the employes and it's used more gently... I don't want any database to lag because of the other. Which happen anyway because the ******* server is so slow. ;-) Bye
  10. Hello I have a report that show shipping of many items. I have 4 fields for 4 different shipping, this report will be printed so the shipping guy can write how many items he send in shipping A , shipping B, shipping C and the last column is to total remaining.... Now like for the portals, I have alternate the colors of the fields A B C D. In browse mode it look like 4 columns alternating between gray and white. In preview mode if there is no number written in the field the color doesn't show. Why is that? is there a way that the report will show and print the fields colors (columns) weth
  11. zab

    Do not commit portal

    hello there is way too much entry to do and a popup would drive them crazy. they create records (and often duplicate) directly in the portals and I have attached some script triggers to the fields to finish the data entries. Still I don't understand why a delete button can't work if a script trigger is applied to the portal itself. The idea was to add this script trigger, if a field is empty display a dialogue . I just can't do that. I dropped this matter for now. No more time for it. I will look to your attachment as I still have to do a popup for some other entries. My troub
  12. zab

    Do not commit portal

    Still looking for a better way cause this way cause too much trouble, so I tested using Script triggers on the portal with OnObjectExit and it work real fine... I was excited. Then I put my little "x" to delete the portal row and it doesn't work what the hell. It was too good to be true. I seen this problem some place else. Any idea why or what is the solution? Thank you
  13. I have the same problem, is there a solution?
  14. zab

    Do not commit portal

    Thank you I will try. The only reason I choose this way is because users fill the fields on top of the portal and not on the last row... I can have a lot of infos to enter in there. How would you do this?
  15. zab

    Do not commit portal

    I'm back to this problem so the way to enter data in the portal is by partly using this Kieren MacMillan's Fast Create To this I added scripts (one per portal) to the background button to automatically fill extra fields (used for reports etc). It work just fine. The problem with that technique is if someone click anywhere else but on the button, the fields commit and the extra information is not added because the script was not called. So I named all the entry fields to the portals each starting by the number of the portal (p1_IDitem) and then created another script that look like
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