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  1. Okay. Thank you. And merry xmas and happy new year for you too..
  2. Hiya again guys and girls. I have encountered new problem in my database. Anyway here is idea again: I have project list of project that I have done. Now I have let say 40 different projects in my database and when I use find to search projects what I have done e.g. 12.12.2008 and I could see a list of projects that contains that day. Problem: I have no idea is this possible or not. So I seek your guidance in this problem: How to make list of project names that I have.
  3. Umm... sorry about double post. My internet connection did go down. and I were little too hasty and clicked add post button too many times... Sorry Ooo... Yay yay... *jumping up and down...* you made my day... (in good meaning...) Thank you very much that really helped me. Thank you for having patience for help me out.
  4. Here you go my file... I didn't find where I could add file in this post (ataathahchlment...) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B38K96M1 Um.. yeah it is fill white not fill text white, because I have somesort ghost text thing there (more of that from this thread http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/199692/)
  5. Yay thank you... that do not print this object did work great. But I cannot get this other one work. I made field to be about 2 page long after that I selected that field and did this: Format --> set sliding/printing --> in that pop up what appeared I checked: sliding up based on: All above and alse reduce the size of the enclosing part. I did this to my background field and all fields after that. still in preview mode it show those empty white pages and does not slide those fields that are after background up. I don't know does this mean anything, but
  6. Hiya all again... More problems to be solved. So anyway my guestion is this: I have field let's call it background. Idea is that I write background information in that field and when I print it all what I have write will be printed. Problem: I create field, but I cannot make it to resize itself when I write text in it. And it looks stupid if I make that field height like two papers just because I need to be sure that all I write will be printed afterwards. And there is other fields after this one so I cannot make this field take two papers if I only write just
  7. Hmm... I though I did read it, but oh well I didn't read it with my mind into it. Well thnak you for helping me out.
  8. I don't know is this correct place for this. (sorry if its wrong section) My question is that. I would like to have so called ghost text in few fields. this ghost text would explain what other users should write in those fields. Idea was that I have ghost text there that is maybe gray colored and when you click that field or start writing in it or click it that ghost text would dissappear. At the moment I have just written that text in that field and selected option that when you click that field it selects all text inside of it. When user starts writing something that text
  9. Yeah it works... Thank you so much.
  10. Umm... I have database for projects that I have done and will do. I did create drop-down menu for project styles. That list works fine yes I can choose what I want from drop-down menu, but I can also write what I want in there. Idea is that there is drop-down menu that contains several values example music, movie, etc. But you cannot write anything own into it. that is idea, but for some reason I cannot prevent user to write his own values in there and add that information into my database. Can someone help me to fix this up. Thank you... (I know there is lot
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