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  1. sounds like this should do it...thank you!
  2. I'm running FMS 9 on Windows Server 2003. I experimented some with IWP, but eventually decided we're going to stick to the standard client / server connection, so have no need for IWP any more. I've "turned off" IWP on the FM Server Admin console, and have also stopped the IWP publishing engine, but I'm getting email alerts every hour saying "Error with WPE COMPONENT: COMPONENT IS NOT RESPONDING". What are the steps for completely removing IWP functionality from a FM 9 / Windows 2003 Sever environment? I remember having to enable something in the IIS manager, and that's just the t
  3. - uploading small gifs / jpegs only - all very local - one location, all on same LAN as server - was hoping the files would live in FileMaker, since they won't be too big, and this particular database will be designated for only this purpose, and i'm not expecting more than a few thousand rows per year - plenty of room on server, will likely be a few small images per record (less than 100kb), 1-2000 records per year Does storing a reference vs storing the file make it easier or harder to display the image? I did a few tests where I just uploaded a jpeg to a container field, but it
  4. I was curious if there is a way (either built in or via some plug-in) to display images that the user uploads. I'm making a table to store some scientific data, and part of the data for each row will be a few graphs that the user uploads. I've done file uploads before, where the file is simply saved in the DB and can be downloaded, but does anyone know of a way to display the files themselves in a layout, assuming they were image files? Tim
  5. I'm getting ready to upgrade our server to FM 10, and I'm curious if users connecting with the FM 9 client will be able to use the email functionality offered in FM 10. If not, does it error gracefully, or would I see bigger problems if a version 9 client user tried to run a script that used the email function? Thanks!
  6. This may be a(nother) silly question, but any chance I can upgrade the server to version 10 and still be able to connect using the version 9 client? Server is Win2k3, clients are a mix of Vista and XP. I've never done a FM upgrade before, and am not looking forward to updating all 50 clients at once...would instead prefer to be able to do it over time and still have the DB accessible to those who have not been upgraded. Long shot, but any advice appreciated! Tim
  7. Excellent, and so simple I'm a little embarassed - thanks, will give this a shot!
  8. Hi there, I have a few scripts in which I'd like to search for the presence of certain records in certain tables. If no records are found, I'd like one thing to happen, if records are found, I'd like something else to happen, all behind the scenes and invisible to the end user. There are a few different scenarios on our DB where this would be helpful. The issue I run into is that when no records are found, the script is stopped and a message is displayed saying no records were found that match the search criteria, with the button choices of what to do next. Is there any way to sup
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