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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give the demo a go for sure.
  2. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good plugin to use when working with a lot of files? The project I am working on requires a lot of moving, reading, renaming, etc of files and I am not happy with the current setup. Right now I am using ScriptMaster for all of the file manipulation. In general I love that plugin. The problem is that I can't get it to run properly on the server. I am using FM Server 13 on a Windows 8 machine, and 360works server plugins aren't compatible with that OS. Instead I have a robot client running with script timers. This works ok but I don't like that someone has to activate the scripts every time the computer restarts. I'd rather have something that runs automatically. I have looked at Troi File Plugin a little but the fact that their website and example files are so outdated worries me a little. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. You are correct, it was an error about not being able to create at the location. I ended up sidestepping the issue by using ScriptMaster to create the file. It was a CSV file and I now have the script capturing the needed data and creating the file using the plugin. Thanks anyway
  4. Thank you but as I said I get the error message even with Error Capture set to On. For instance, I made a script that has this in it: Set Error Capture [ On ] Export Records [ File Name: “filewin:/C:/Users/Paul/Desktop/ttt/test.tab”; Character Set: “Windows (ANSI)”; Field Order: Projects::Date Started Projects::Description Projects::Name ] [ No dialog ] and Users/Paul/Desktop/ttt/ is not a real folder. As expected it cannot create the file. But even with the Error Capture line I get an error message. I find this a little strange. I haven't tested it on a Mac yet but the machine it needs to run on is a Windows machine.
  5. I was wondering if there is a way to disable to error message the pops up after a failed export. Even when error capture is on I still get a popup about being unable to create the file. The reason I need to do this is that I have a robot client running on the server machine and I can't have it waiting for someone to click ok after an export fails. I would rather be able to capture the error and make a report so I can check it later. I'm not sure why the export failed in the first place and obviously it would be better to just fix the problem, but for future problems I would like to avoid this issue. I'm using FMS 13 and FM 13 on a Windows 8 computer. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  6. Sorry it is FMS 13. I can connect using 16001 on the machine itself. however I don't think that requires https. I tried connecting using https://localhost:16001 it says there is an SSL error. When I just do localhost:16001 it works fine. When connecting remotely using https://localhost:16000 it get's timed out.
  7. I am having trouble connecting to the admin console from another computer. I know that I need to connect with https://ipaddress:16000, but I'm not having any success. When on the server computer I can connect using localhost:16001. The problem seems to be that https isn't starting. I am running the server that is included as part of a TechNet membership on a Windows 8 64 bit computer with 4 gb of RAM. I didn't have a web server setup on the machine originally but the install seems to have started it. When I checked the settings in IIS manager the FM Web Site didn't have https activated. I changed the advanced settings but it still doesn't start https after a reboot. I think it is also preventing me from uploading a database from FileMaker Pro. I have attached a screenshot of IIS Manager with the settings. Has anyone had a similar problem or know what I might do to correct this problem? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Ok, it turns out that I made a stupid mistake. Since I'm not too familiar with JavaScript I wasn't considering how the interval function worked. I just realized that by putting setInterval in the function, it was starting a new cycle of timer updates everytime it ran. In other words, every time it ran it created a duplicate timer. This would increase exponentially every second. This inevitably took up all of the resources allocated to FileMaker. By putting setInterval into a separate function it will run the original function every second without a problem.
  9. I have a small bug I was hoping someone might be able to help me with. I made a very simple JavaScript timer to display the amount of time spent on a task. Obviously it needs to display through the web viewer. It works well enough, however it sometimes causes Filemaker to get stuck when I attempt to leave the layout. This happens in FileMaker Pro and Go. Has anyone ever encountered a similar problem. I've added the code. It currently had a button to activate it for while I'm testing but I'm planning on having it load automatically. "data:text/html," &" <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function setCount() { var start = " & GetAsNumber(TimePoints|Today_Workers::Time.Start) & "; var d = new Date(); var t = d.getHours()*3600 + d.getMinutes()*60 + d.getSeconds(); var diff = t - start; var h = Math.floor(diff/3600); var m = Math.floor( (diff - h*3600)/60); var s = diff - h*3600 - m*60; if(h<10) {h='0'+h;} if(m<10) {m='0'+m;} if(s<10) {s='0'+s;} var soFar = h + ':' + m + ':' + s; document.getElementById('timer').innerHTML = soFar; var run = setInterval( function(){setCount()},1000); } </script> </head> <body> <p align="center">Time so far is: <b id='timer'>??</b> <input type='button' onclick='setCount()' value='Show the Time'/> </p> </body></html>"
  10. I'm not sure which section to post this question in so hopefully this isn't too far off. A client came to me with a question I never considered and don't know how to answer. They are using Filemaker 11. If you have full access privilages in a database you can right click in a field and have the option for sorting by that field either ascending, descending, or by a value list. However, other privilege sets don't seem to have this option and they want them to have that option but not have full access. I tried setting their Available Menu Commands to All, but that does not change anything. Does anyone have any idea how to change this? To be honest I've never even noticed the sorting option before.
  11. I have a bit of a strange case here. I have a basic portal that displays what jobs a candidate has applied to. This connects the candidate table and jobs table via a join table that represents each time applied. The portal is for the join table. On the portal I have a button that uses the Go To Related Record command to jump to the related job. This has always worked normally until I converted to FM 12. Now it doesn't take you to the correct job. It usually takes you to one of the jobs in the portal, and that is typically the oldest of the related records. There are no sorting options selected on the relationships. The portal itself is sorted reverse chronolocigally. I tried rebuilting the indexes on the id fields but that didn't do anything. I tried changing the options on the Go To command so it only included records related to that particular candidate. The resulting found set is correct but still goes to the wrong one. Has anyone had a similar issue during their conversion? I could write a new script that takes care of this but I'd rather not have to do that for every Go To that causes trouble.
  12. Unfortunately that is what I meant, I did both. I tried setting it in the schedule to run without an account specified and then I tried running it in the schedule with the account that I tested it with when running from terminal. Neither worked from the FMS even though it worked fine when I tried it manually with that user account. It's weird.
  13. Yeah I tried it without a user specified and with the admin specified. When I run it manually it works fine and creates the file as need. I guess I will try having it write the results to a file as it goes.
  14. I am having a problem running a shell script from Filemaker server 11 on a Mac running 10.6.8. Every time I try to run it the log says it was aborted by user. The script is designed to look in a folder for an XML file. If there is one it changes the format and replaces some characters so that it will import into Filemaker correctly. The script works fine when I run it from terminal but fails from FMS. At first I thought it might be because the folder it is checking isn't on the machine itself but on a shared drive. However, I tried the script when it was looking at a local folder and it had the same problem. I tried changing the permissions on the folders and having the script run using the admin account. I always get the same result. Also, other shell scripts run without a problem from the server... Has anyone had similar issues?
  15. Ahh, that explains it. I thought there was something missing from my home folder. Thanks for your help!
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