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  1. Hello, I am using PHP Site Assistant to generate a web project for the FileMaker database. I am successful in generating the project but when I try to open php files it gives me an Error i.e Error: 802 - Unable to open file. My php, crul, IIS everything is enabled and working fine. Thanks,
  2. Awesome! It works.... Thankyou JothanStark.
  3. Hello Guys, In Php page I am displaying the content from FileaMaker database. Where as the [color:red]part of formated text in Filemaker field which is stored is lost on php page. I need to get the formatted text displayed in php page as it is in FileMaker field. Awaiting for ur replay
  4. hey dude.. do you any time came across this type of situation .. please let me know.. thanks in advance..
  5. Hi guys I have installed FMS 10 Advanced on Mac running with Apache web server and In "Deployment Assistant" while enabling web publishing I get "Web Server Test Failed. Return code = -1 Anyone know what's causing this !? PLEASE HELP ME !
  6. Hi every one, problem got solved after reinstalling the fm 10 server.
  7. hi every one my proble got solved after restarting the apache server. apachectl start
  8. I've installed FMS 10 Advanced on my Mac running with Apache web server and every time I try to set up Web Publishing on my Machine I get "Web Server Test Failed. Return code Anyone know what's causing this !? PLEASE HELP !
  9. Hai guys, After completing the installation of FMS10, with a check mark next to "start deployment assistant" I get a screen in my browser that says "Please wait while server admin starts" and from past one hour same thing is happening. please let me, know what to do next.
  10. thank you dude, my problem got solved..
  11. Hai guys, As we all know when 2 users are on same record and try editing a same field at the same time causes record locking [color:red]BUT editing a global field at the same time is not locking the record and changes made is not saved of either user, why?
  12. Hi Søren, Thanks for your info. Right now I am using Filemaker on 1440 by 900 pixels layout. But I want all the fields in layout by 320 pixels to make it visible on i-pod or blackberry phone. Please help me :
  13. Hi Guys, I am working on FM pro 10 advanced, I want to create a layout with a screen resolution of 1028 and 320 (320 is what Blackberry PDA’s use). How can I do this? with diff resolutions using FM and will it support on IWB? Thanks in advance.
  14. FILEMAKER_FIND_GTE = '>=' guys how to use this Api I am really sucked pls help me out.. thank you
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