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  1. Using the built-in Filemaker Send Mail function in conjunction with Outlook, users are able to edit emails before they are sent. This is useful to us since many of our emails are templates that the user needs to fill out with information. We're looking to gain HTML and multiple attachment functionality with this plugin. Are we able to maintain the same experience of being able to edit the email within Outlook before sending or do we have to do a "blind send" (i.e. just send the material through SMTP when the script completes with no ability to edit). I know I could setup an email edi
  2. Hi Folks, We've experimented with IWP in the past, but haven't been able to get the web site looking well enough to put in front of clients. I was wondering if there were any examples of well done IWP sites so we can see what the potential of the technology is. If we can't make the IWP site "look pretty" enough, we'll have to investigate alternatives, but ideally I would prefer not to have to invest that much time. Thanks!
  3. While this is true, we run into another issue of easily allowing the end user to modify the email with formatting. For example, some emails contain instructions or notes that are not standardized and the user may need to underline or bold these sections. My understanding in this situation is that the end user would have to know and use HTML tags to make it appear correctly. My users aren't the most technical people in the world (nor should they be) so this would be a game breaker. Is there a technical limitation that prevents a plugin from being written to provide the functionality
  4. Thanks for the responses. I was in touch with Productive Computing's support team (SendMail product) and they said there is no way to do what I am requesting with their product. In regards to writing emails in filemaker, our FM database is already huge and we literally send hundreds (if not thousands) of emails a day, so we'd prefer to not have to store these in FM. It looks like we might be stuck doing it that way if we're going to go this route, but I'm holding out hope that there might be a product out there that will meet our need.
  5. Hi folks, I've combed through about 15 pages of google searches and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. There are plenty of plugins for sending HTML emails out there, but they all seem to send via SMTP "silently". What I mean by this is, I'm looking to have the standard FM SendMail behavior where the outlook email pops up and must have "sent" clicked to go out with the ability to use HTML. Most email plugins seem to be built for bulk mailing purposes. My goal with this is to use company standard HTML email templates for emails that will go out (all go out one at a time).
  6. Hi Folks, We have a database of vendors who work all around the world. My users wish to see what time it is in the vendor's location without having to do the math in their heads. I have a value list of time zones that are already in use (prior developer), but doesn't have the +1, +5, +/-GMT in the list. Also, the concern with doing a calc of Get (CurrentTime) + TimeZone is that it won't take into account daylight savings. Are there any plugins or pre-made value lists that could help remedy this? Thanks!
  7. I'm sorry, I mistyped, I did enable popups with the same result. I'm wondering if it might be an internal DNS issue since you guys seem to be having no problems externally.
  8. I tried going to the page directly, but it still just takes me back to the first page to click on the client portal. I've disabled popups in both IE and Firefox and the same thing results.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to filemaker, I inherited a FM database in my new job. We're using IWP to give our clients access to certain information in our DB. We're having a problem where we click on the IWP link that should take us to the login screen for the given DB. However, when we click the link it merely refreshes the screen. This happens in IE 7, Firefox, but not in Opera. I'm thinking this is somehow related to javascript because when I disable javascript in firefox, it will take me to the login page, but will only show the login boxes. We're using Filemaker
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