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  1. Thanks so much! both those were precisely what I had wrong. Now its works perfect. Thank you for the VERY FAST responses.
  2. Hi, I have the following calculation in one of my database fields. The test will check if a specific field has a value of 3 or above, and if so marks Passed, otherwise marks failed. It works fine as long as the result of the field isnt a two digit number that starts with 1 or 2. (11, 21, 19, 25 etc) . The calculation below seems to only be evaluating the first number, not the total number. If ( ( Initial Test Buffer PSID ≥ "3"); "Passed" ; "Failed") another with the same issue, but 2 rather than 3: If ( ( Initial Test Relief Valve Opened at psid ≥ "2"); "Passed" ; "Failed")
  3. OK.. So I have been fighting with this issue for a couple weeks trying to figure out what is going on... and sure enough, 10 minutes after I post I discover the problem. Turns out it was more to do with my layouts being setup incorrectly than with the script... Sorry fo posting this...but it did help the answer be found! :)
  4. Hello, We have a Go solution running and for the most part has been problem free... I have however discovered a couple little things that I cant seem to figure out... While on 3G script seems to perform "funny"...in that they dont always perform all the script steps. I have attached a screen shot of one of the scripts that has odd behavior. You will see that it is designed to grab the customer ID and the BFP ID, then go to a layout, create a new record then enter that data to "auto fill" the proper fields then we input the variable data in that layout. However, on 3G it seems to
  5. OK... so not sure why, but as i was looking at a backup copy (to see if i could attach a file for review) I noticed that the original field for data entry in the back up DB was setup with a maximum repetitions of 4, whereas the live DB had a max repetitions of 1. The backup did not display the same error which the live did. As soon as I changed the original input field in the live DB to max repetitions 4, it worked perfect. Problem gone. So, it fixed the issue, but I sure don't understand what happened....?
  6. Ill see what I can do... its a live file so ill try to extract the components...not sure how successful Ill be.
  7. Hi, Im not sure what this is a called, so I do hope that I can explain it properly, and that Im posting in the proper place... I enter data into a field. That field is then used by another global field which calls its data through a calculated result an displays it for printing. The issue is that once the data is displayed for printing, "?,?,?" is added (without the quotes) to the end of the text which was originally entered. The following is the calcutaion used for the Calculated Value...I did not include the custom function as it is used (i think) by others and this is the o
  8. Thanks so much. I was looking at this the opposite way...a list of customers with the tests rather than a list of tests with the customers as per your recommendation. Thanks so much for your help. I'll give this a try later but it sure makes perfect sense.
  9. Yes, Im looking for a list of tests which have not been printed. (PrintedYN=N) The list must also indicate which customer the test was done for. Thanks!
  10. Sorry, My fault for not being more clear. Yes, I am looking to create a list to indicate which customer has tests unprinted, and what day the said test was done. Once this list is displayed, the office will know which customer I preformed the test for, and which dates to set in the printing range to print the report. Once I have the list I will add go to related record etc, to make it useful... I do hope I am being clear.. always hard to try to make it clear without writing an essay to explain what the database does... Please let me know if further clarification is required. I re
  11. Thank you so much for your reply. I do have two tables related as you described. What I'm wanting to achieve is the following: I enter tests as I do them but the office really doeant know which ones I've done, for which customer, or when it was done. I'd like the office to be able to get a snapshot of tests pending printing then they can click the customer name an proceed to print the tests. The date is important as we specify a date range to print from for each customer as one test may span multiple days. As such I am trying to create a list to include the customer name and
  12. Hello, Im sure this has been discussed but Im not sure what it would be called, so am having no luck finding the solution. Id appreciate anyones help in directing me to a posting that covers this...(or a point in the right direction if in fact this is not a previously discussed issue) I have created a layout and a FIND script which returns the the following if the customer has a test that has not been printed: Customer Name-- Date of Test-- Printed (Y/N)-- The issue I have now is that if the customer has a test that has printed, and one which has not, the layout shows t
  13. bcooney, Thanks for your thoughts. I know my data structure is incorrect.When i first started the application it was the first time id used FM. I had hired a developer who turned out to pretty much screw me over and this is what I was left with. after hiring another to get it working things do what we need now, but make things much more difficulty to change as new ideas come up. If I had to start again, Id know a lot more now, and certainly go about the whole process differently, but what we have works and now i have to work with what Ive got. Hind sight is 20-20!- live and lear
  14. I developed (with the help of forum users, and some hired programing) a FileMaker app which our company uses daily both in the office and now, with FileMaker Go, remotely with our IPhones. I have to say, its pretty great. The boss doesn't fully understand the process of designing and building a custom app so it seems weekly he is looking for another feature. With the flexibility of FileMaker i am almost always able to provide the solution he is after. I would highly recommend using Filemaker. Its a great program and allows for easy expansion of your application. (as long as the design is in pl
  15. Hello I should have been more clear. Rather than System #1 it should state Sytem type #1. And each system type has it's own table. I have played around witht the find for N and so far so good because the tables all have pre-exaisting relationships that allow me to search each system type and display by customer name. I really appreciate your insight. It's helped me get started. I think I'm on the right track now tho. I'll post again and let you know how it goes or if I run into any problems!
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