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  1. milky

    Timer Bundle

    Hi, I just had a look at your Timer Bundle. I have created a countdown timer similar to yours that gets the length of time from fields in my database. Unfortunately I cannot do anything else whilst this is in focus. Your timer allows me to do other things whilst it is running. How do I specify the field (Events::CounterInput1) into my script, so that whatever the value in this field is, the timer will start from this starting point? I have not used script parameters before. Also how can I make the timer pause and then recommence? I could see where values are
  2. Hi All, Just had a look at the new Add-ons in Fm19. Is there a way to make the timer work in reverse. i.e. Start from a field (Timer::TimeLength) that a user can input, so that the specified time of say 30:00 will run down to 0:00 Any help would be appreciated. Regards Milton.
  3. Thanks rwoods, You grasped exactly what I was trying to do manually and created a solution to my problem. I altered your script as highlighted in yellow to get the result I desired. I even named the script after you! This allowed me to expand the results, by adding to the script and get additional rankings by sorting by different criteria.
  4. Thankyou Comment, Maybe if I include some screenshots, my task may be a bit clearer. I have a script as follows: Everything works down to the second last command - GTRR, obviously this is where I am stuck with the incorrect commands. I don't want the records sorted or found, I just want the position of the list to move to where that players name is in the list so I can see what the ranking is and then copy that record number into a Variable so that I can use it on a report.
  5. Hi All, I have a database with around 1000 players, with a report in List view. How do I GO TO a particular persons name in the list without doing a Find which only shows that record? TIA Milton.
  6. milky

    Multiple portals

    Thanks Matthew, I was hoping to display the portal on the task layout with records from the task table. Is this possible?
  7. milky

    Multiple portals

    Hi everyone, I have a table called tasks and I would like to show 4 portals on the screen side by side which show the found set of tasks for the 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter and 4th quarter. Each task has the following fields - taskID, Task, Contractor, Quarter. How do I achieve this and what do I use as the join? Thank you in advance
  8. Hi everyone, I would like to be able to have multiple form letters that can be sent to all owners in my database. I can achieve this by having one form and putting merge fields on it. If I want anymore form letters I copy the first layout and rename it and then use a button to go to this layout. How can I create more than one form letter? Is it done via a portal? Also once this is accomplished can I do a find and then only send the form letter to the found set? Any help would be appreciated (including as much detail as possible for this newbie) Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all, I created a text field that uses a calculated value and I would like a way to update all 1000 records in my database instead of going to the original field and typing the data in so the calculation works. Any ideas?
  10. Hi everyone, is it possible to create a script that uses the date in a field and opens Outlook and creates an appointment for that particular date. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hi everyone, I have 2 fields called OwnerDate and TenantDate and I would like to use these 2 fields to create a popup reminder when it is 60 days prior to each of these dates. There are approximately 300 Owners and Tenants that would need to be checked. I would envisage that the script would run either at start up or by selecting a button. If anyone could help with examples, I would really appreciate the assistance. Thanks in advance for any advice or assistance.
  12. Thanks Laretta, Works a treat. Any way I can post my program. It is 5mb as a zip and the limit here is 1mb. Would like you to have a look. On another matter, is FMP7 compatible with vista 64 bit?
  13. Thanks Laretta, What should the correct syntax be? Milton.
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