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  1. Hi, I have three store rooms and an engineer can use a cable from each store for a task. The tasks are either A,B or C and they will come off the stock from rooms 1,2 or 3. When the engineer uses the cable they press a button and a script adds one unit to the "units out" field of the inventory template, effectively removing one from the stores. This works fine if I have one store room. But having three I though I could have 3 inventory tables and 3 stock transaction tables and 3 tabs showing the same layout with a portal and the button. I have 3 separate scripts for ea
  2. Hi, I would like to create an inventory database that will allow to stock check cables. I have attached the included Inventory template that I have changed a little but what I'd like to is be able to search for a cable from using the barcode box and then be able to decrease the count by one (because I have used that cable), also be able to record the time and date at which that cable was used. The only bit I'd like to do manually is pressing the button. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Most of the work I have changed is on the iPad layout as this is the one which will
  3. Hi, I'm a basic user of FM pro and would like to know how to achieve the following. I have a store room. In it are boxes. Inside the boxes are cables. I receive boxes to put into the store room and I take cables out of the store room (I actually take them out and have them in a holding area until they are used). When I use the cabels I would like them removed from the stores count. My problems are that I can't see how the relationship would work in FM, but I'm sure FM can do it. I also can't see how to have it setup so that the boxes are added to the stores tab (I was thinking t
  4. Hi, Has anyone successfully used the pic2shop app as part of a FM database. If so how?
  5. It's a bit "chunky" in operation, but I got it to work. I used the birthday script attached above, but deleted everything above - Set Error Capture [On] - and ammended the Set Field to - "<" & Get ( CurrentDate ) - 4. The 4 is just to test my sample data. Just need to refine its operation now.
  6. I've been thinking to use a script that was to be used to find birthdays in the next 7 days to find birthdays that were 7 days ago. Are the principles not the same? The script I use to find the future birthdays is attached. I was thinking to just insert a -7 where the +7 is in the script. I think that the table references are sound because the fields appear in the layout referenced in the script. I have tried the above ways but not been able to get them to work. ExpDate.pdf
  7. I see where the confusion lies. I want to find out who hasn't been for a period of time. I mention the payment date because this is a date that they were last in. It transpires that using this PaymentDate is not a good way of working out this calculation as sometimes people will make a payment over the telephone and not when they come for an appointment. I do also have a date field which is used to record when they have come for their appointment, but what I haven't been able to do is have the field automatically infilled with a Get ( CurrentDate ) and then store this until the next time they
  8. Hi mr_vodka, Many thanks for the reply, It does now seem obvious that while everyone (other than me) on FMForums is at genius level you don't all possess the ability to read my mind, and not giving enough information is my first mistake. I'm not to sure of the correct naming convention, but here goes. I have a table called PatientData and within that lies another table called PatientPayments (shown via a portal). Now in the PatientPayments there is a column that displays the last time a payment was made. What I'm trying to do is find the linked records for payments that were made mo
  9. Hi Alex005, Thanks for the reply ... Another thing I've noticed that I've done wrong, I've written the script to look at a portal row. I assumed that it would just look at the last row, but I guess this is not the case.
  10. State of play now is that ... 1) I have a way in place that almost does what I want it to. It's adapted from a script that has been given to me in order to find who's birthday is coming up in the next 7 days. The adaptaion is rather than +7 in the calculation it does -7 (obviously this will only find records that have not been in the 7 days) and the field references have been changed to look in the right places for the revised information, but I'm still getting all the records. I think that my failing is in that the portal field is not being looked at properly. 2) I'm developing a co
  11. Ok, I think I'm barking up the wrong tree with the calculation. I can formulate what it is I what to do like this ... currentdate - lastvisitdate = x, if x > y (y is the period of time I want to be able to change in a dialog box) then send the results to a layout.
  12. As it stands at the moment I have the layout and button configured. I have a script in place which has a step in it like this ... Insert Calculated Result [select; ExpiredPatients::CurrentDate - ExpiredPatients::LastVisit] When run the process doesn't show what I'd expect ( I expected to get nothing : ) it shows all the records regardless of when they last came in. Should anybody need any clarification I can help, (once someone replies to my other post explaining what I'm trying to do to me so I can understand it my self ... Joke that was a poke fun at me by me)
  13. Hi, What I'm looking for help this time around is how to generate a report showing the clients that have not been to for a while. I have a seperate table in my database for this and in it are, PtId (a lookup value from another table), CurrentDate (Auto enter calculation) LastVisit (a lookup value from a another table (which is displayed within my database within a portal) I guess the way I'd like it to work is that when the button is pressed a script is called into action that will get todays date, look at the last visit dates and return the result of all the records that
  14. laRetta, Sorry, that was for Comment.
  15. I've been playing around and I think that it works if ALL the elements on the layout are not anchored, is this the case?
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