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  1. Thanks Fenton, that fixed it, works perfectly now. (also an erroneous space was throwing everything off). thanks again.
  2. Hi guys, I am basically doing the same thing (trying to...), but my problem is that the calculation field (calculation result=container) is just showing the path to the image as text inside the container -- not the image. thanks for any input!
  3. Dear Daniele, Grazie mille! Thank you so much, it works perfectly.
  4. Hi all, This seems like an easy thing to do, but I just can't seem to script it correctly. What I have: --a drop-down global field called USER, containing a list of users from another table. --a list of records with different USERS in the table ENTRIES. I just want to choose a user from the drop-down list, click a find script, and that user's entries only are shown. I tried to script it so it copies from the global field, goes to find mode, pastes into the correct field and performs search -- can't get it to work. appreciate your tips!
  5. Hi, Trying to install FMS on a server (Windows Server 2003) with sharepoint already installed, not able to start the web publishing with IIS. Can I put them on the same server? Should i install Apache for FMS instead? Or is it all just a big, bad idea? thanks for your help!
  6. no problem!! anyone else feel free to jump in I feel like I am on the right train, but the wrong track...
  7. :) Thank you, enclosed is the sample model. I hope I haven't created a [color:red]FrankenBase. Username/password: Admin/Admin. -mike media_db_sample.zip
  8. Hi bcooney, Thank you for the reply. One project = many ProjectTrack One ProjectTrack = one MediaInfo + other update information I did not connect Project directly to Media Info because one Project may contain multiple of the same MediaInfo (maybe different reporter or different section of the media though). I was thinking of something like this: what I was thinking but I don't have the chops to pull that off. is that the right or wrong direction? thanks
  9. Hi there, Could use any advise or pointers: I have three tables [media info] [project] list of projects, project #1, #2, etc [project track] details of each project, containing multiple media info through portal Basically each Project track contains a list of media (50-100). My problem is that media info contains ~2000 records, and I want to search for specific criteria and then add those to project track. The way I have it set up now is that [Project track] creates a new record based on the [Project List] record number and a unique identifier. How can I sort
  10. Thank you -- I analyzed your posts/files, and also hit the books myself (FM Bible, Missing Manual). I now have the basic db setup. I have two questions, if you could point me in the right direction. 1) in table ProjectTrack I have Go to Related Records running so that it only shows those records with same Project ID from Project. I want to automatically insert that ProjectID number from the table Project for every new record. For some reason it is just not working. 2) this may be too difficult for my skills, but I would also like to insert a bunch of data from table Media Info
  11. I have 3 tables in my PR database: media information (key=MediaName) journalists (key=Journalist) project (key=ProjectName) media information has multiple journalists in a portal in project I would like to (theoretically!) be able to choose 20-50 of the MediaName into a list, and have project related fieldsfor each MediaName. It should also be able to bring in information from Journalists. Could you recommend the correct, or smart way to set this up? I am really a beginner so apologies for such a noob question, but do appreciate any help.
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