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  1. Good day all, I have the below script to import, my issue is that as records are import a group if skipping. The issue only happens if i import into my production database. If i create a new database and do the import it works fine. any help is greatly appreciated. Thank RudyM
  2. Thanks, There are two tables (Ticket and Ticket Attachment), "kTicketID" is the key field linking the two tables. The idea is to set a variable with the "Ticket ID", create a new record in the "Ticket Attachment" table and use "set field" for each document being imported from the particular folder. Thanks Rudy
  3. Thanks for your help, I read the the links, but i am having a hard time putting together the import script. UNC Part: \\ap1-srv-apps02\bmr\scans\scans\" Folder Name: WO-X-XXXXX (ticket ID) "WO-" is not part of the ticket ID only part of the folder name The ultimate goal is to import everything inside the folder. This script is generating an error that it cannot find the file What i am doing wrong. Thank for you help.
  4. Thanks, but how would i import the entered content of the folder. Thanks RudyM
  5. good night gurus, need guidance on how to put together a script that would allow me to import multiple "PDF" documents from a folder. e.g. a users would scan a series of documents placed them in a folder, (the folder would be manually created and named based on the record ID), once a button is press FM would go to that location and import whatever documents are in the folder. FYI... I tried looking for a scanning plugin but unfortunately the scanners i have are Canon and they are not TWAIN compatible. Thanks RudyM
  6. Sorry I meant to say ftp plug-in Yes, due to a number of factors connectivity is not reliable. I have no option but to work with sync.
  7. hi all, I was tasked to great a database so the sales team can take order while on the road, these ipad will be connected to the net at all time either with WiFi or Cell service. I am thinking of the following; Server 1 - ERP will place a csv file in an FTP location, and server will import ever hour iPad (where i am having issues on what to do) 2 - iPad will download or update the database via a button at will Now i need to have the iPad or server place an csv file with the order on the the ftp server to i can have the ERP import the order. To place the orde
  8. Hi, Are there other option to create a DDR? Thanks Rudy
  9. Thanks Steve, The link was shows some useful techniques, but was looking more for a way to do a custom message using cards. Thanks Rudy
  10. Good day Gurus, I am trying to check if a record exist during data entry and if it does display a "new windows" with a warning, to accomplish this i am using btih "Set Script Triggers" and error capture in the below script but don't seem to work. Field: kDocumentNumber - "Unique value" is checked Data Entry Window: Warning Message Windows Script i executing on exit using Trigger, here i am using The idea is if error "504" is capture show a new windows. if not exit script. What i am doing wrong or am i using the wrong approach to show a new
  11. Hi guys, Hopping someone can tell me what i am doing wrong; All i want is a message if "Start Field" is greater than "end Field" and vice versa Attempt 1 Validate field during data entry WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesStart > WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesEnd Display message if condition are not met Conditional format to change color to red Issue: validation not work but conditional format is (using the same formula for both format and validation Attempt 2 Script: if [WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesStart > WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesEnd] Show customer
  12. Thanks Siroos, How would i do that i am not calling a script from the main popover button Thanks rudy
  13. Hi gurus, I have a layout with a "popover button" which label is "Hold", inside the popover i have a global field for the user to enter a note, there are also two button inside the popover labeled "accept" and "cancel". I then have a script that creates a record in a related table all is working find except that i would like to insert the name of the popover button into a field. I am able use Get ( ActiveLayoutObjectName ) and set the name of the inner button but how would i get the name of the popover button. Thanks Rudy
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