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  1. Thanks Steve, The link was shows some useful techniques, but was looking more for a way to do a custom message using cards. Thanks Rudy
  2. Good day Gurus, I am trying to check if a record exist during data entry and if it does display a "new windows" with a warning, to accomplish this i am using btih "Set Script Triggers" and error capture in the below script but don't seem to work. Field: kDocumentNumber - "Unique value" is checked Data Entry Window: Warning Message Windows Script i executing on exit using Trigger, here i am using The idea is if error "504" is capture show a new windows. if not exit script. What i am doing wrong or am i using the wrong approach to show a new windows based on an error. Any Help is greatly appreciated Thanks Rudy.
  3. Hi guys, Hopping someone can tell me what i am doing wrong; All i want is a message if "Start Field" is greater than "end Field" and vice versa Attempt 1 Validate field during data entry WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesStart > WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesEnd Display message if condition are not met Conditional format to change color to red Issue: validation not work but conditional format is (using the same formula for both format and validation Attempt 2 Script: if [WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesStart > WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesEnd] Show customer dialog [message] clear [select entire contents \ target field: DeliveryMilesStart) go to field [DeliveryMilesStart issue it work clearing the content of the field but it does not go back to the correct field but it jumps to the end field Attemp 2 i have tried using both on exit and validation trigger. Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks Rudy.
  4. Thanks Siroos, How would i do that i am not calling a script from the main popover button Thanks rudy
  5. Hi gurus, I have a layout with a "popover button" which label is "Hold", inside the popover i have a global field for the user to enter a note, there are also two button inside the popover labeled "accept" and "cancel". I then have a script that creates a record in a related table all is working find except that i would like to insert the name of the popover button into a field. I am able use Get ( ActiveLayoutObjectName ) and set the name of the inner button but how would i get the name of the popover button. Thanks Rudy
  6. Good day gurus, As usual seeking some valuable advice. I am currently importing a price list, the source is a tab delimited files, I am doing a one-to-one import and all works perfected. Now the boss is requesting to be able to compare the last imported price with the previous import. What I was thinking was to create an additional table (e.g. import one, import two,) and adding a import date field in order to identify when the import was done. Then create a script to empty the second table, move the records from table one to table two and then importing the new data in table one. Can someone give me some ideas as I feel i am trying to reinvent the wheel Thanks Rudy
  7. Hi gurus, I'm seeking some advice on the best way to accomplish a task. I have a tables with about 110 fields, and i need users to be able to insert data into three fields at a later time via a popover. To accomplish this I am considering two options. Option 1 - place the fields in a popover and have the users populate them with the required data, in the pop over there would be two buttons one to close the popover which would also clear the entries and the other to commit and close the popover. Option 2 - Create global fields and place them on the popover where the users can enter the data and once a "Accept" button is pressed the data is committed and popover closed. The question would be, is using global fields to enter data on an existing record a good practice? Thanks Rudy
  8. thanks for the reply, For this solution I am using FM Pro Advanced. I can't user 16 or 17 as the file is hosted on a Ver 14 server. Thanks
  9. Goo day everyone, My apologies if I am posting in the wrong section. I am having an issue running DDR. First whenever I tried running DDR "HTMP" I would get a message that DDR was missing and required, after researching I created a DDR folder in c:\..extension\English\ folder. After creating the folder I stop getting the DDR missing error. Now I am able to enter a name for the DDR but as it runs I get the following message; "The file "summary.xsl" could not be found and is required to complete this operation "The file "Frames.xsl" could not be found and is required to complete this operation "The file "detail.xsl" could not be found and is required to complete this operation "The file "Toc.xsl" could not be found and is required to complete this operation It does create the individual files but empty. Thinking is my database I have tried creating a clean database but still get the same error. Any help is greatly appreciated. RudyM
  10. Hi all, I am sure this is a simple question for must of you, but for the life of me i have looked at different samples and cannot get it to work. I would like to create a new record from a popover. I started by creating a script with "New Record/Request" step. then i assigned the script to "OnObjectEnter" script trigger to the popover itself, the script does create the new record but the popover does not pop. What I am doing wrong. Yes, once i get this part to work i plan to add over actions e.g. what happens is "cancel" is press, or is the users closes the popover.
  11. Hi gurus, Need some advice, I am putting together a job tracking system for a print-shop and I am running into a dilemma where I need some advice. Our ERP is Sage 100, but unfortunately I have not been able to retrieve data from it using ODBC, it appears File Maker ODBC is not compatible with SAGE as I keep getting an error (it works fine from excel but not filemaker). I am currently exporting all the needed data to various CSV files and importing them into a single filmmaker database with a table for each CSV. some of this tables contain as much as 30K records. my issue is with speed. every time there is a lookup it sometime takes a few seconds. My question is, if I import the data to the main database would the lookup's be any faster. Thanks for any help
  12. Hi guys, I am trying to setup an external connection to Sage 100; From Windows I have configured the "System DSN" and it is able to connect and see 1129 tables. From Filemaker I am able to add the external data source without any issues. But when I go to Manage->Database and try to add table under data source I select the new data source and a popup asks me for a username and password but then it give me the following message "The ODBC data source you have selected is not supported" Can someone guide me on what it is I could be doing wrong.
  13. Good day FM gurus, I am having an issue when importing a "CVS" file into FM. I am receiving a daily file from a PBX, this file is in "CSV", one of the columns contain the start or the call and is formatted "11/9/2016 7:17", but when I do an import into FM it imports its as "2016-11-10 07:44:24", yes the field is formatted as a timestamp. The only way I can get the import to work, is if I open the file in excel and save it at "xlsl" then it will import it as a time stamp. What am I doing wrong.
  14. Good morning, Having absolutely no knowledge on ODBC integration with Filemaker I am seeking help for the community gurus. I put together a database to keep track of printing jobs and so far its working fine for us. The issue I have now is that some of the data we enter in FM comes from out ERP (sage 200 4.3) and I would like to create a lookup that would retrieve this data via ODBC. We use filemaker server and FM 2013 for the end-users. I have the following questions. 1 - do I have to installed the Sage client on the server or do I have to have on each user? 2 - when I configure the ODBC do I configure it on each client or only on the server t retrieve the data from sage? Any pointers to ingrate with Sage would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your assistance. RudyM
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