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  1. Hi Comment, Basically I have a script which says perform find/omit records on the job sheet that has the archive box crossed, based on the relationship between jobs and POs. Everything works fine but sometimes people do a PO search on form view and when the found set is quite big they switch to list view and trigger the script. Strangely I thought is would behave as you said and just show the records in the found set that are not archived but it doesn't seem to do that. Should I use constrain found set and not perform find? Ideally I would like to bypass the trigger when showing a
  2. Hello Comment, This worked absolutely brilliantly and gave me the simple approach I was looking for. One issue has arisen which is causing me problems that I hope again you will have a simple solution. Basically for POs we use form view and list view. When you do a find in form view it shows the found set but you might want to view the found set in list view. The problem is as soon as you go to list view it triggers the script and changes the found set. Is there away of not triggering the script if in a found set? Thanks James
  3. This sounds great Comment. In the active POs list view I currently have a script to omit records with the archive checkbox crossed. This script is triggered on layout enter, is it possible to give me an idea what script I could use to do this? Thanks James
  4. Hello, Thanks for the replies. I was hoping that there would be a simple solution as I am fairly new to FileMaker. With regards to the scenarios Comment mentions, no there isn't an instance where you might want Po active or vice versa. Basically when you archive it just stops the jobs showing in the active jobs list and POs showing in the active POs list. I do have a portal on the jobs table that shows related POs, is it possible to check a box next to each PO in the portal if an archive checkbox is crossed on the jobs table? Thanks James
  5. Hello, any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I am really stuck with this problem. Basically I have a table for Jobs and a table for Purchase Orders(POs). One job can have many POs. I have a field on Jobs called archive and a field on POs called archive which is a check box. When a Job is finished it is archived to remove it from a jobs list and the same goes for the POs. What I would like to do is be able to archive a job and that in turn archives all of the related POs. I think the approach would be to set a script trigger so that when the checkbox is crossed
  6. Hi Wim, Thanks for the reply and apologies for being vague. To call the webpage I set web viewer as custom web address using the code: If ( PatternCount(Contacts::Web Site ; "http://") or PatternCount(Contacts::Web Site ;"https://"); Contacts::Web Site; "http://"&Contacts::Web Site ) To call the map I set the web viewer as Google maps and use the code: "http://local.google.co.uk/maps?" & "q=" & /*Address=*/ Contacts::Address & "" I tried logging several machines as administrator with full access and my computer is fine but all the other machines the web
  7. Hello, I hope somebody can help me with this problem as I have tried searching for answers but to no avail. Basically I have a simple contacts table with 3 tabs, details, website and map. When you click on the website tab it loads the contacts website based on info in a field on the details tab. When you click on the map tab it loads a map based on details in a field on the details tab. This works fine on my computer when I test it but I have now uploaded the database to filemaker server and the webviewers don't work with multiple users. Has anyone come across this? I am sure i
  8. Hi Doughemi, Thanks for taking the time to try an work out a solution to what I am trying to do! I will try and explain the work flow a bit better: When a new enquiry comes in a person opens the enquiry layout and fills out the form. An enquiry number is generated and a dept code is picked from a dropdown list. Each enquiry is allocated to one dept. (On the enquiry layout the dept code begins with a Q, this helps us track the hrs dedicated to enquiries and quoting) Once the enquiry form is filled in you can press a button which sets various fields then goes to the contacts layout and
  9. Hi, Thanks for the replies. Doughemi you are right I think I could be over complicating this, I would definitely describe myself as a novice. I have attached my in progress database and the layouts I am having problems with are Jobs and Enquiries. They are both based on the Job header table. When an enquiry comes in you generate a new number with a dept code with a Q in front of it (QA,QE,QP etc) When it becomes a job the Q disappears and you are left with the dept No. (A,E,P etc). To start with I had the enquiries on the jobs layout on a separate tab then all you had to do, when the enqui
  10. Hello this works great but I wonder if there is a slightly different approach. I have a script trigger that works on layout enter but the problem is when you navigate away from the two layouts and return the script triggers and you are on a different record to before. What I would like to achieve is the ability to navigate away and return to the same record. Is there away for a layout to omit records automatically without using script triggers?
  11. Thank you that works great. It was the OR that I was missing. James
  12. Hello, I have been searching for answers to this problem but haven't had much luck. I have 2 layouts based on the same table. I have a field called department on each layout that has a dropdown with the values A, E, P, C. What I am trying to do is create a script, that triggers onlayoutenter in the layout setup, that shows only records with the value A and E on layout 1 and only values P and C on layout 2. My script I was using was perform find based on the field dept = A, omit records with dept = P. This seems to work but I can't get it to work with multiple values. A
  13. Hello, Thanks for the replys. After Comments reply that it would be simpler to keep it in one table it really got me thinking about my layout and how people will be using the database. Please see attached work in progress which I hope explains what I am trying to do a bit better. The Jobs page as I said before was getting a bit crowded and needs the option to be able to expand it in the future so I set up another table for enquiries which gave me a simpler system, I felt, for people to use as you can see from the menu items. Previously the enquiries was part of the jobs layout and shown o
  14. Hi Comment, thanks for the response. I originally had them as one table but it was getting really crowded as I have a lot of filters for both enquiries and jobs and I though it would be clearer if the person could just click on the enquiry table and see purely the enquiries or go to jobs and see purely the live jobs. I know that you can do this with filters but like I say there is quite a lot going on already on the Jobs table. Could I use the substitute command if I wanted to keep the tables separate? Thanks James
  15. Hello, I am not sure if a calculation is the best way to do this but any help would be greatly appreciated. Basically I have 2 tables Enquiries and Jobs with a field on each called dept. Dept is a drop down list which on Enquiries has values QA, QE, QP and on Jobs has values A, E, P basically without the Q. I have a script that when an enquiry becomes a job copies various fields (using set variable) opens a new job record and sets the fields with the data from enquiries. What I want to do is copy the dept but drop the Q when entered on the Jobs record. I have tried using a cal
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