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  1. Hi - I'm using filemaker pro advanced and working with webdirect layouts, But I do not find URL to see the filemaker layouts on Browsers. Is it possible to see this pages without hosting fm application to fm server. Thanks in advance for your reply
  2. Thanks for your reference.. Its really useful to me.. But when I open the demo (2 - GeoLocation Directions) FM application. Its shows error message related to iFrame. Can I request you to share some information about iframe. I'm really have zero knowledge. Error Message: The Google Maps Embed API must be used in an iframe Many thanks
  3. I'm planning to implement the google map with my contacts module (where single contact have more than one place, example we can say 5 different states) I'll get all those details with the different set of fields - Here what I need is - I just want to show the all 5 places for the particular contact google map. Is that possible with FileMaker ? (using google map API) If yes, then please share some sample idea and google map API with parameters. Many thanks
  4. Many thanks for response and support. Actually I will send the CSV file weekly once. not everyday. and Dot net developers have some restriction to import from other files and they want only CSV file. thats the only reason i'm stick with this CSV. anyway, ill look forward to work with dot net team.
  5. Finally, there is no possibility to add fieldname in CSV file. But you want to know that what I'm working ! Let me tel you - I have only option to send filemaker records as CSV file to dot net team where they can do some programming. Because dot net team are not aware about .mer format and they dont have class files or sample code to extract records from .mer file records. Hope it make sense.
  6. Thanks Lee - I have difficulty to use .mer file when I import with third party database which I'm using - So that, I need CSV file with label name
  7. thanks for the response - But I need the CSV file with the label name. not mer file. Since i need to import that CSV file to other database. Is that any possibility to make the CSV file with label name.
  8. Hi Everyone - I would like to export the filemaker records with the fieldname(labelname). anybody have idea ?
  9. I can see there is dark black line on the middle of the portal when I share the FM Screen via Web Direct. Â But I would say there is no issues with that screen when I view via FileMaker pro. (Refer attached image) Â anybody can share your experience to resolve this web direct issue.
  10. The purpose is some time I want to see particular date and sometime i want to see all dates. So when I sent as "All" & CreateDate.. then can do filter all record as well as particular date. Am I correct ?
  11. Hello everyone, when i use Get(Current Date) function its show right date format as based on system format. But set field to the "text" field its show the wrong format.. I want to set the same date format to the text field: Example: My system format is "dd/mm/yyyy".. when i put this to date to text field, Its show as "mm/dd/yyyy" Is that make sense and How do i resolve this issue
  12. Hi, As we know that we have option to configure FileMaker Server with PHP (which is installed on IIS).. Like the way.. I have another question.. Do we able to configure FileMaker server with PHP Which is installed on Apache (with Linux machine).. Please clarify.. If you already experienced please help us to configure Filemaker 12 server with Apache.. Many Thanks ~Guru
  13. Thanks for the reply Actually the application hosted in server, 2 users accessing same layout same record. when 1st user modify the record the same time, 2nd user cant do the modification. I can understand there is difficulty to do that. but I would like know, If there is any possiblity to control the user like send alert msg, send out user from particular record. If so.. please share ur comments
  14. Hi, Im sure many peoples facing this problem. we will get the alert message by editng the particulat record when someother user doing the edit with the same record on other layout. Please tell me the possibility to modify the single record more than one user on multiple layout at the same time? I hope it could be possible to stop other users and do the edit. Thanks in advance.
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