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  1. Essentially what I am trying to do is run my Filemaker app in a chrome-less window so I can still switch back to a functional desktop.
  2. When I run my app in Kiosk mode and then return to the desktop using Windows' Show Desktop - I get the desktop back but the taskbar is missing. In our old FM6 version the taskbar would come back. Is there a way to get out of kiosk mode and return the windows task bar?
  3. Solved. It was indeed too many files open. The scripts were calling external scripts and if that file was opened when already at the 50 file limit the script would cancel without user input.
  4. This is occurring mid-run of a script. Doing some debug, it seems to occur when executing another script from within a script. It is happening intermittently from several different scripts.
  5. I'm working in Filemaker 6 and am getting this error message which I suspect is related to having to many files open. But I would like to know if there is something specific that is causing this. A Google search yields no results.
  6. That is in fact what I just completed. I was hoping for only one resulting file, but this works too - it's just not as clean as I would have liked.
  7. From what I'm gathering in my Internet searches, what I am trying to do may not even be possible. I cannot open a file from a script and then navigate layouts within that file. Am I wrong?
  8. Ok, that makes sense to me. I've copied the tables to a separate file. However, when I access that file from my script, how do I direct the records into the correct table? I am able to open a file but it seems I cannot switch to a layout within that file. Forgive my lack of experience.
  9. First off, I am new to Filemaker. I am using FM Pro 8. I have been tasked with creating an automated backup of multiple tables. What I have done is created duplicates of the tables (without our complicated layouts) and have created a script to import the data I want to backup into these backup tables. What remains is exporting these tables into a single .fp7 file. If I export one at a time to the same file, it overwrites the last export and I have been unsuccessful in finding a way to export all the tables at one time. What am I missing?
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