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  1. it does wether or not the file is open or closed im left scratching my head here
  2. so here is the situation i am creating a POS cash register system and after each order is complete it exports to an excel template but unfortunately after it is done once i cannot export again i get an error message saying: "filename" could not be created on the disk. use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk. is it possible to export to an excel file more than once or would i need to make more than one excel file? thanks in advance to all who help me on this
  3. So scratch that i didnt want XML i wanted it as XLS sad i know but is there a way that each time you export the records they go into the same file without overwriting the others or saying to change the file name? Thanks in advance
  4. i am trying to export records via xml stylesheet but have no idea what im doing so could somebody show me somewhere i can learn how to create one thanks so much
  5. thank you sir! i would have quit along time ago without these forums :
  6. so i was looking at my relationships graph and on one of the relationships it seems that it doesnt connect to the graph and instead it floats next to it with and end that looks like this ( | ) i dont remember ever seeing this before could somebody tell me what it means?
  7. Hello friends so i went threw a couple of pages of old topics and didnt see anything pertaining to this. i have a price field that is formatted as currency ($) with two decimals what i am trying to do is have it so that as numbers are entered they would start the the right of the decimal and move one by one to the left instead of starting to the left of the decimal EX. if i were to enter 550 currently it would show as $550.00 instead i would like it to be $5.50 any help would be much obliged or even just a push in the right direction of how i would do this would be helpful
  8. thanks for your help after reading your response all i had to do was add the quotes
  9. Hello fellow file-makers i have a time sheet that my employees punch in to i have a custom dialog that pops up on a successful log in but i would like the custom dialog to display their name based on their ID i tried using the get active field contents but that is exactly what displays so any push in the right direction would be extremely helpful thank you in advance to anyone who helps
  10. nevermind i figure it out on my own im just so smart sometimes
  11. one more thing would i be able to put another $compare in the same script thats operates from the same button or would i have to make a whole new script?
  12. Hello world ive been trying for two days now to make a script attached to a button that compares two fields contents from different layouts is this at all possible?
  13. not to be annoying or anything but could someone point me in the right direction here this has had me stumped for a while now
  14. the security does not matter right now i am going to be using this for my own small sandwich shop in the future i might want to change it but for now this will suffice
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