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  1. Jim, EDIT: I just realized that you were talking about IWP, [color:red]NOT CWP. Sorry, my mistake. I lifted this data from the FM website (sorry, but the table formatting will not translate). The key to your issue, appears to be the way you're interpreting the CWP connections. Per the note at the bottom, I doubt you'd ever run into an issue. But, I'm only going by my interpretation of this info, not by any experience on my part. You may want an answer from a more seasoned mind. Type of clients Tested Theoretical Tested Theoretical FileMaker Pro
  2. Hello All, I have a church client that I am proposing a FMP based website to. I'd like to show them some examples of sites built in it, that look and feel a little "looser" or "less structured" than is typical. Something that makes good use of background graphics and strong graphics design for the UI would be preferable. Does anyone have any sites that come to mind that I could visit? They don't need to be church related, just visually strong. Thanks in advance.
  3. Plus, in today's economic climate, I'd bet that many lawyers are more amenable to taking slam-dunk cases on a contingent basis. After all, they're feeling the crunch as much as anyone else, which gives the client a better negotiating position, IMHO.
  4. OK - I'm feeling really stupid about now. For some reason, I'd totally spaced on the calculation aspect of Open URL. Thanks for the pointer.
  5. Hello all, This is probably the hundredth time someone has asked this question, but I couldn't locate it on the forum. Maybe I just didn't do the proper search. My apologies in advance, if that is the case. I want to implement a dynamic "hyperlink" in a Ver. 8 file to open a URL in a browser. This is to use on a contact's form to get to their company's site. I assume it will require calling an Applescript, which I am not really conversant in. Can someone point me to a ready made resource for such? Thanks much.
  6. Jim, it's a font rendering issue (as if you didn't know that already ). Now, whether or not it's FMP, font or system related, I don't know. But it does the same on my Mac, as it does on yours. Try changing it to a similar font and see if that makes a difference. Edit: After a little more research, my guess is the pop-up menu is using a different font rendering engine than the fields and drop-down menu. Don't know why that would be, but it seems the only logical explanation to me, as changing fonts didn't help, IMHO. Johnny
  7. This is a potential upsell for you, if you want to consider it. There are monitor calibrators that are fairly straightforward to run. You could add a calibration service to your toolkit as an optional line item. It could even be done as an ongoing maintenance item. Just thinking outside the box.
  8. Jim, I had a similar problem once upon a time on a system level. It turned out to be a system modification utility by the name of Tinkertool. So, if you're running anything like that, you might try disabling it to see if it's the culprit.
  9. Thanks. That fixed it. I really appreciate your help. John
  10. Yes, this is doing what I wanted it to, with one exception. It is leaving the hh portion of the result set at 12, rather than 00. The times entered were 12:xx:xx, so it's as if it isn't evaluating the hh portion. That's a little strange. I can work around it by setting the Result field Time formatting to mmss, but it kills the ability to track events longer than 60 minutes. Thanks for the help.
  11. Here's the file. It's a work in progress. The calc field is named Duration. Thanks CommunicationsLog_Clone.fp7.zip
  12. Thanks Lee, but it didn't fix it. Will I be able to have the hhmmss formatting in a number field? Assuming I can ever get it to work.
  13. Sorry for the confusion. The calculated field and the source fields are in the same table. The table has a relationship to another one.
  14. Daniele, Thanks for your tip, but unfortunately it didn't help. John
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