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  1. Not sure if I am understanding I use the auto enter now but can you specify which field in table based on record ID#? Right now if anything is modified it works but trying to create something to view when specific fields are modified to a record.
  2. Using the "Modified By" selection thinking.. Is there anyway to set it to a specific field? Meaning that you can modify everything but once you modify a specific field it inputs the user name as the modifier? I assume if possible it would go in hand with time stamp as well. Or is there a way to log this info every time the user modifies the record/time/specific field?
  3. I actually made the field image (White Square Box) then on top of that the calc that disappears then on top of that the drop down field.
  4. I have some fields that cosmetically have very little room around them and would like the title of the field inside the field until text is entered. Anyone know how to accomplish this?
  5. When I put my cursor on a random place in my database when I am not in layout mode most of the fields highlight and some dont. I tried finding where to turn this off but cant. I am not referring to layout mode/layout setup/show field frames. That isnt checked and still see fields getting a dotted highlight. How can I turn this off completely?
  6. K went back thru your demo over the weekend and it was there I was looking at it completely different. The portal is nice but not what I needed and was thinking that the only way I could get the total was from the portal and its not. Needless to say problem solved. Thank you!
  7. I am not sure what info you need specificlly. I assume that using multiple drop downs to get to a specific item would mean I would already have to have the item set in a field right? So I would relate the data in a way to get those specific fields to show up after the drop downs are selected. Unless I am using the wrong method to archive this?! I am playing with fusion charts and understand it enough to know how they work but I am trying to get the data to a specific point to use inside a dash board to make it more aesthetically pleasing for my reporting as opposed to using graphs i
  8. Well there is alot more info but trying to do this in sections so I can actually learn FM by learning what I need. I am trying to create a report dashboard which will be using graphs but I need to learn how to compile the specific data I want for me to do that. I want to use selection drop downs to specify what information I want see in the graph. I should be able to figure out how to do that once I figure out how to compile the data based on specific terms. My example of the date compile will show me how to compile based on ranges is what I am ultimately looking for. Does that mak
  9. I made a generic layout of what may help me better understand and explain what it is im trying to do. In the reports layout select month and totals for that month show up. Sorry if I seem thin on info and hoping this helps. example.zip
  10. What I am trying to accomplish now is a layout that will house graphs of data. But trying to figure out how to create it so that I can use drop downs for months and based on months select totals, defects, from a secondary drop down and have those results listed so I can put into a fusion type graph. My main concern is trying to add records together by month. Laretta posted the calc to take date (date- day) +1 which works but now trying to figure out how to sum by month so that I can create a drop down for the months and have totals appear in the specific fields. I plan on using th
  11. yeah I just want to select the month and have totals of fields show up on a seperate table. I have the fields working where i can see the first day of each date on each record and the total items.
  12. Sure. There is a field (total items) on each record. Each record is also marked with a date (date)I am trying to add the (Total Items) from each record from all records with the (date) of 01/xx/2009. So in one field it will have a total of items from all records with the date of 01/xx/2009. In otherwords all records during the month of Jan of 2009.
  13. How would you sum a field from multiple records during a specific date range. Would this be in a calc or does it need to be a script? Can you provide an example please? attempting to create a report dashboard but not sure exactly how to sum fields from multiple records within a date range.
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