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  1. Thank you for this info - but just one thing, what problems will storing the balance in the customer table cause?
  2. This is for a church where CD's of the sermons are sold, and some people pay in advance, and I need a system that tracks sales and the credit balance of those who pay in advance. I have 2 tables - 1 x Customers 1 x sales The customer table has an "Amount" field - this is the credit amount paid (say $60.00) - not all customers have a credit amount. The Sales table has a drop down menu with "Payment Status" options are "Credit", "Paid" , "To Pay" The Sales table also has an amount - as some purchase more than 1 CD per week (CD cost = $1.00). I would like it to credit the "Amount" field of $1.00 for each CD sold to a customer (2 x cd = 2.00 etc) - so the updated credit balance is displayed (I have a Portal of sales records for each customer) I have everything working except I have a mind blank on how to do this one simple calculation. (Database Attached)
  3. Does anybody know if Filemaker pro can have a list of usernames and passwords, and with a click of a button you can go to a website admin page and it automatically logs you in with the username and password?
  4. Yes I have seen this on my WWW search, and was tempted to purchase it (actually there is other software - not just Filemaker I can purchase online that will do simular to what I want), but I decided to try and do something myself first .... my Filemaker skills need upgrading and this is a project that I could sink my teeth into .... with a lot of help of course. If I find I can not do it, I can fall back on the online purchase. I want it for our Church .... and thought if I can do something I could pass it onto others to use, or others could add to it, etc. So for now I will take the first steps on this project ... I have found that the little I do know about Filemaker was learnt from such projects .... the first I started not knowing anything at all .... just needed to spend a lot of late nights and a bit of frustration learning …. but that is half the fun of it .... we are a strange lot. Thanking you for your reply
  5. Thank you for this ..... I will learn a lot from this. Trevor
  6. I am working on a Meeting Minutes Database. It will: - Have a list of members - Create the Agenda - Keep minutes from meeting - Task list tracker from each meeting - Email Agenda and Minutes to members - Print PDF copies At this stage I have a table "Meeting" and "Members" table. I also have a table called "Attendees". The Meeting Table has fields: - Meeting ID - Purpose - Date - Venue - Start Time - Organisation I want to be able to choose from the "Members" table those who will be attending the meeting and have them displayed in a list under the "Meeting" details. I have no real idea how to do this (although I would say a portal would be used ... not sure how). I was thinking something like, selecting members names from a drop down list - once selected from the list their names would be displayed in the "Attendees" list under the meeting details .... can this be done - Maybe another way? I just need a bit of help to get me going in the right direction.
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