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  1. Ideal Data: Thanks for the heads up. I was not aware of this new feature in 9. It sounds powerful. I hopped online after reading your post this morning to see if I could find more details on the feature. One of the questions that surfaced is that it sounds like "Append to PDF" requires you to specify the filename to append to. I was hoping to use a loop to print all of my records to PDF and have filemaker automatically select the filename. Can this work with the "Append to PDF" feature? Can it just append to the last PDF created within the same record? Here is a script (in progress) I am looking at using: Go to record first Loop If [include doc1 = yes] Page Setup (restore without dialog) -- print1 Print (without dialog, single record) If [include doc2 = yes] Page Setup (restore without dialog) -- print2 Print (without dialog, single record) If [include doc3 = yes] Page Setup (restore without dialog)-- print3 Print (without dialog, single record) Go to Next Record, exit after last End Loop Thanks.
  2. Hi All: I would like to replicate the print range functionality of MS Word in FM Pro 8.5. FM print ranges are limited to successive pages only (i.e. print page 1-5). It does not allow entering a print range 1-5, 7-9, 10-50 etc. with some pages skipped in the same batch (as in MS Word). I can write a script to print pages 1-5, then 7-9, then 10-50 and have them come out on the printer just fine, but this doesn't work when my print output is PDF because it would generate 3 separate PDFs for each record. Merging the separate PDFs into one document can be done manually, but would take forever if there are a large number of records being printed from the database. Anyone have any ideas how to do this programatically? Print the range with skips for record A as one PDF, then do the same for record B, then C, etc. Much thanks in advance.
  3. I am running 8.5 Pro. How would you suggest doing this in 8.5? Thanks.
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