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  1. Hello I actually made a form well a layout that mimics a form I use daily and it seems to work great! But I have two questions. One is there a setting that will let me search records but not edit them? As in I search a case number it fills in the fields but any changes reflects on the table. I would like the data filled in but not able to edit it. Also I am learning on a test database that reflects our main. This of course is so I do not screw up the important one! Is there a way to just export one layout? Thank You Damien
  2. Point in space may well be a future solution for us. We are hoping to be able to export searchable tables to a site!
  3. I am not trying to shut the computer down just FMP.
  4. Could I use a alias and a automator action to open the database at a select time?
  5. Where do I find opener file? Would a shortcut as in a alias work pinned in the dock? I will try the Alias now but I am more interested in this opener file! Thanks!
  6. Is there a way to open a database file automatically as in set it as default database when you launch FMP? Thanks
  7. Might be beyond me? I will dig into FMP scripts. I did find however a setting to save the cache when idle or at set intervals. Would this help against corruption if I set it to 10 minutes its fastest interval?
  8. I don't want the machines to shut down. Just FMP so the database can be closed while the backup runs at night!
  9. There is no way that this small business can afford to buy FMS. It was a huge stretch on the budget for the iMacs and FMP 10 x3 as it is! So if I understand what everyone is saying Time Machine bad... any form of backup while open is bad. This I understand. I do not however understand how a expensive powerful program like FMP cannot backup and save files while open. I think part of my problem is I was stuck using Access 2000 for so long that I expect the same.. (pointless) Access database file sat on a pc we all access it by just clicking on that file! and it could be backed up while open... (
  10. Does FMP include a script like this? A scripts that could save a copy of the database hourly or daily to a network drive? This would solve my whole problem! Damien
  11. My small business is not in the position of purchasing another machine and filemaker server. What alternatives do I have? How can I safely back this file up but also make sure it is open for the rest of the staff to access? Is there a way to make a automator or script that would close FMP at night let the backup run and then also reopen it at a scheduled time? I am very worried about our data but have blown our budget on three iMacs and Three copies of FPM! So yes I am begging for a low cost solution and your knowledge. Thank You Damien
  12. So now I know the cause but if this does happen what recourse will i have?
  13. If I may ask how would time machine damage it? It is after all just reading the file correct? I am not doubting you are right I just like to know why things are...
  14. Thanks I will give it a read! Damien
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