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  1. Once again, many thanks indeed.
  2. Perfect! Absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for your time - it's much appreciated. Best regards, Michael
  3. Ahh, many apologies - I've now attached a zip file. There are two tables - "staff" and "appointments". The staff table contains the hours (or shift) worked by each person on any given day. In the appointments table, the time_a and time_b are the start and finish times of the appointments. Thank you for looking, Michael trial.fp7.zip
  4. My staff work to appointments and I am creating a database for these appointments. I have created a value list which contains the names of the staff members who are working during the hours of any given appointment but I would really like to be able to create a value list which narrows it down to those who are actually available - that is to say, those who are working and not already occupied in another appointment. I think I can get this result by writing a script, but is there a more straightforward way by creating a new relationship? I've been struggling with this for months on end an
  5. Thank you very much indeed! You didn't post the solution for me but it answered my question perfectly. Very helpful.
  6. I'd be grateful if someone could kindly help me... I've created a database with tables for "Customers" "Invoices" and "Lines". I have relationships as follows: customer::kp_customer_id = invoice::kf_customer_id and invoice::kp_invoice_id = line::kf_invoice_id On the Customers layout, I have a portal showing related records from Lines - and this seems to work fine and lists all the lines for each customer. I have also imported the lines from my old Appleworks database via Bento. The old database was not sophisticated and had the customer details on every new record. I h
  7. Yes! Fantastic. Thank you so much. I know it was such a simple thing but I really searched and couldn't find it explained in basic steps anywhere. You saved me!
  8. Perfect... Thank you very much! Really appreciate your help.
  9. I'd be grateful if someone could kindly put me out of my misery. I'm trying to use the "set field" script command but it's not working and I'm pulling my hair out! If I want a field to contain "something" I think the script should read; Set Field [table::field; something] but for some reason I can only make a script that reads; Set Field [table::field[something]] Any help in very basic fool-proof steps would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance
  10. Yes, that's what I thought but, being a complete beginner, I couldn't put together a script that did the job! I tried to write it so that, if "dye" was selected on one line, it generated the next line with "dyeing service" in the "style" field. I had a script trigger on modification of the field "dye_or_taken" and after hours of tinkering with it my best effort at a script was: If [line::taken_dye = "Dye] Go to Portal Row [select; Next] Set Field [line::style["Dye Service"]] End If If you can point out my error(s) I'd be only too pleased. If not, I'll play around with the
  11. Well, that's very kind of you to take the trouble to do that - it's a great help. Best regards and thanks again, Michael
  12. Aha - that would be perfect. I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me the steps of a script that would do that, as I'm really struggling to get anywhere with it. Thanks again
  13. Many thanks for your response. I do have an inventory table (I call it "stock") in which one of the "styles" is "dyeing service". I want to show the shoes as an item sold on one line, then the dyeing service as a separate item (or "style") on the next line. Naturally, this would be easily and quickly carried out manually but I thought it would be neat if it could be entered automatically with a script. If you have any further thoughts, they'd be welcome.
  14. I'm really sorry about this... It's probably the most basic question ever asked but I'm really struggling to achieve the following: I have an invoice table and the layout contains a portal in which I create records in my line table. I'd be grateful if someone could tell me what script to use in order automatically to complete the next portal row (so create another line) if a specified field in the current row contains a specified word. To explain; we sell shoes. The portal includes the fields "make" "style" "dye_or_taken" and "price". The "dye_or_taken" field is a drop-down list incl
  15. Many thanks for your response. I've been going over it all for several hours now and still haven't resolved it. It's probably blindingly obvious - must be getting tired - will try again tomorrow. Regards, Michael PS Morning now - problem solved. Woo-hoo! I don't know if what I've done is the most efficient solution but it seems to work. In case it's of any help to anyone else, I made a copy of the "stock" table in the relationships graph, called it "style_filter", and made a relationship between the "style_filter" table and the "line" table where both "make" AND "style" match. Yes, it was
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