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  1. Look at the provided screenshot, what does this status mean? Thx Lars
  2. I am so tired of filemaker server advance always breaking on upgrade... Lion, incl. all patches, java up to date installed files remote accessible admin console not working deployment assistant after install not working totally lost here... Cheers Lars
  3. Thanks again, I understand now... No matching based on ID necessary, if there is an entry it is skipped. Sometimes it is easier than anticipated... Thanks anyways...
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. But I want to leave the records, that are already imported completely untouched. In your scenario it would still update all the fields in the records in the DB... But I do not want that... Any ideas?
  5. Hi there, 1. On first Import (its XML but thats not important), fields are matched in the import, creating the entries (all with unique IDs). 2. Now I want to import again, this time the XML contains additional entries BUT also the entries from the first import (additional IDs). 3. How do I import only the additional entries without overwriting any records that are already in the DB? Just give me some basic idea on how to accomplish this... Thanks in advance Lars
  6. Hello, it will take some lines to decribe, what my problem is, please stay ... 1. Situation: - I have a very complex database with join tables etc. - I connect Filemaker to an Indesign Plugin (Easycatalog) over ODBC. - I can access individual tables, but I have to recreate the relationships in Indesign to access all the information from all tables. 2. What I want: - I want to manage the complexity in Filemaker. 3. Problem: - I can display related records in a portal, but cannot access it over ODBC (only individual tables, or very comlex SQL operations with J
  7. I am having a similar situation... Is there any advice out there? ;-)
  8. Hi, I have files with the following naming conventions publication_image2_2691_1282649039.jpg where 2691 matches a field in the database. Is there a way to match these on import, so that they are associated with the right record? Or do I have to import into another table and create a relationship over a truncated calulation field? Thank you for your help... Cheers Lars
  9. Since the data is provided "as-is", I don't want to create any new join-tables. Would it be feasible to make a script that gradually narrows down the search: 1. Search for Courses that have Course_ID = Teachers::Course1_ID 2. Search for Courses that have Course_ID = Teachers::Course2_ID 3. Search for Courses that have Course_ID = Teachers::Course3_ID 4. Search for Courses that have Course_ID = Teachers::Course4_ID etc.? Any advice on this? Thnaks again... Cheers Lars
  10. Thanks, I have basic understanding of a join table (from sql) but how do I handle this in Filemaker. How do I create it etc.? Just a basic method pointing me in the right direction... Maybe I can avoid the join table, since I have the information stored in the 2 tables already (distributed across different fields though) Thanks again...
  11. There can be up to 10 teachers...
  12. Hi, I have 2 tables Courses table with unique Course_ID and Teachers table with 1.) a combined field with all Course_IDs separated by comma Course1_ID, Course2_ID, Course3_ID 2.) Individual fields for every Course related: Course1_ID Course2_ID Course3_ID What is the best method to find all matching Courses for any Teacher? I can compare one field but that does not give me the other Courses... I need some basic advice on how to proceed... Thank you Cheers Lars
  13. Like I said, the calculation is working only if I change the field value (of field 2). does not get updated on the fly.... The german term: Falls (IstLeer ( further_information_number_of_villas ) ; "" ; Selbst)
  14. Hi there, I am importing two fields Now I want to check on import "if field one is empty, set field 2 to empty" It works if I change the value in field 1 manually, then field 2 gets updated, but not on import. Any ideas?
  15. What is the prefered method, if I want to reexport to XML in the same format as the sourcefile. Is there a way to get the same structure (without the filemaker mumbojumbo). Like this: Source XML (with a transformation to the fmresults.xslt) goes in - Manipulation in Filemaker - Export to XML with same format as input file... Cheers Lars
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