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  1. I read that section and it looks like doing a sync before I upload the file should work and there is nothing else I need to do is that correct? I just want to make sure that there isn't anything odd that happens with the PersistentID or something else I am not thinking of.
  2. If I were to sync my client on my desktop and use that file with all the records as my deployed file is there anything I need to do to that file first or will all the clients just pick up the new records from there with no conflicts?
  3. I have a table for images, it is set to push from the client. I want to make a script that will let me send a select statement to the host that will get the related images for a record and pull just those records to the client. Can you point me in the right direction to create this? I want to make sure that I do not reinvent the wheel if there is already a hook somewhere to do this. Also if you can think of any things to look out for such as preventing the regular sync process from deleting records that I have pulled?
  4. Update: If I reset and not wipe then the changes and new records from the server will make it to the client.
  5. I have a copy of the demo host and client. I have one new table and have deleted the other tables. Here is what is happening. What Works The first sync will pull the records. Changing a record on the client will send the changes to the host. Creating new records on the client will create a record on the host What doesn't Work Changing a record on the host will not send to the change to the client. Creating a new record on the host will not cause that record to create on the client. Any thoughts?
  6. much better! thanks! I made it much simpler though...
  7. I am trying to use the replaceAll() function on some text. If I insert the code as an input variable the code doesn't work. But if I copy the code text right into the script it works just fine. How should I format this so that it works?
  8. I feel like I'm missing something obvious. I'm trying to write some SQL to get an ID list for deleted records in a syncing solution. I'm finding that its slower than I'd like and this method feels like it's not efficient at all, anyone have a better idea? To explain what I'm doing I'm getting a list of ID's where the creation timestamp is before the last sync and then I check to see if it doesn't exist in the other file. The problem is that for every record I'm running rather large select statement within the EXISTS(). The table SP stands for Sync Projects and Q stands for Questions, I'm using SP to get only the questions that are attached to the projects on the client file. Get the ID's in the local file: ExecuteSQL("SELECT id FROM Q WHERE zCrTS < ? AND NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM H_Q WHERE Q.id=H_Q.id)";""; ""; $$LastSync) Get the ID's in the hosted file: ExecuteSQL("SELECT H_Q.id FROM H_Q , SP WHERE zCrTS < ? AND H_Q.id_project = SP.id AND NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM Q WHERE H_Q.id=Q.id)";""; ""; $$LastSync)
  9. If a field is referenced in an unstored calc from another table is just that result sent down the pipe or is the whole record from that other table cached and then the result is parsed on the client side?
  10. Im not sure I'm following you. What calculation are you talking about?
  11. I added that feature, what do you mean about it wraps?
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